Met people in "Dream Room"

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Met people in "Dream Room"

Postby dreamroomgirl » 02 Sep 2015 17:08

Hi, this is my first time in this forum and I found it while researching meetup dreams.
I know a lot of people struggle with lucid dreaming, but most of the times I'm dreaming I am fully aware that I'm dreaming and I just go with the flow because every dream is like a little adventure.

Last night I had the weirdest dream I've ever had, and I'm here looking to see if anyone has had an experience like it, because if someone has then it means that all the people I met are out there in the world somewhere.

For the past few weeks I've had this recurring dream that I'm walking in a city and turn into an alley and see a lot of people waiting in front of a building. They are waiting to go inside a "Movie Theater" that's in the second story of this building through a window. I've never gone in, I usually just turn around, walk away, continue with my regular dreaming. Last night I turned into the alley, and a man at the top of the window announced that the move theater was full, and the crowd dissipated. When they were gone he announced that there was one seat available, and I was the only person in the alley, or at least the one closest to the wall. In order to go to this movie theater, you have to climb up the dumpster, the first story window, and then push up to the second story window, and enter the room.
The "Movie theater" is a shitty apartment with a big TV and about 15 people sitting in some couches and the floor. I sit down next to a girl, and she asks me if it's my first time here, to which I say yes, and she asks me where I'm from. I explain to her that I'm from Mexico but live in the US, she also lives in the US and tells me that there's another guy from Mexico. She introduces me to him (no one uses names), and he tells me how excited he is for the movie (they're going to play one of the Harry Potter movies) because he loves Harry Potter. We start to talk and to get to know each other and we just clicked.

Everyone in this room felt so real, so complex. Usually in my dreams, specially when I'm lucid, everyone lacks a dimensional personality, because I can manipulate the dream, but in this dream not only was I aware that this was a dream, but everyone was aware that it was a dream, and everyone seemed to think this was their dream. Well, everyone seemed to think this was our dream, and that each of the people there were real, and this room was a special meeting place for people who where dreaming to interact.

I could go into detail about the intricate interactions I had with all of the people there. Specially with the guy from Mexico whose name turned out to be Alan, but all I want to say is that I fell in love with this dude, and that I'm here hoping that It's not a construct of my mind, because that would be such a cruel thing.
There was a point in the dream in which we were about to kiss but we stopped and he just placed his forehead against mine and we just sat there enjoying each other's company, and I placed my hand on his cheek and I could feel it, I could also feel his breath on my face, and I could smell his breath (not a bad smell just...human...real), I was so shocked that I opened my eyes in real life and as it is usual during REM sleep I saw the usual hallucinations (blue floating figures, kinda look like some type of cool birds) in my room, plus lions (there was a thunderstorm, and I guess my brain interpreted the roaring of thunder as lions), but no breeze in my room or anyone else (other than the lions and blue floating figures). I closed my eyes and immediately went back into the dream and could feel Alan's breath again, and couldn't hear thunder anymore.

One of the things that have made me think that this could actually be a meetup lucid dreaming experience is the interaction between two guys, not related to my specific experience in this room. They met there and became best friends, and were so in sync, and I overheard them talking about how sad they were to never see each other again. In dreams (according to Freud) you experience things that might be lacking in your life, and you are always the center of attention and the entire dream revolves around you, I understand how my experience with Alan may fall into this category, but the external interactions I was a witness to, had little to nothing to do with me, yet they happened.
Also in this room there were people from different races, sexualities and nationalities but everyone was in the North-American timezone, Mexico, US, Canada..

So if anyone here has ever been inside this Dream Room, please let me know.

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Re: Met people in "Dream Room"

Postby Dreamsweet » 21 Sep 2015 23:13

I'm not sure how long it may take me to regain my ability to dream like I used to, but I hope I can meet others like this. The best way for me to learn and improve is through experience, so if this happens to me, I hope I'll get to meet you too in that Dream Room.

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