The First Dream...

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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The First Dream...

Postby Lonely Tear » 02 Sep 2015 23:35

Hello, Tear here.

so now that i have found this forum, i would like to share my very first lucid dream, even tho it happened 2 years ago.. i will never forget it...

I woke up in a desert of a sort... with white sand everywhere and nothing in sight for miles. white sand dunes as far as eye can reach. i keep walking for a while untill i noticed a white tower climbing far into the sky. as nowhere else to go i started climbing this tower. it was simple tower with spiral stairs going around it leading to the top..

after a while has passed i started to notice drawings in the wall of the tower. it was some sort of kid and it was telling story of his life. Happy things and sad things that happened to him and how he would deal with the problems. i started to admire the kid... and soon, i came to a point where this kid was there, crying. his parents parted ways and at this point i realised that kid was me, that was my life. i got exited, i started to feel wind, it was light breeze.. and it relaxed me.. i lost memory for a second and i soon figured out that i was dreaming, and the tower was representing story of my life. i continued to climb and admire scenery from the towers hights, even tho everything was covered in white sand dunes, it was still breath takeing show.
more stories of my live showed up on the towers walls and soon i came to the part where i had one wish as a child... to fly... and just like that i started to float and i grew a pair of wings..
soon enough i was flying to the top of the tower and then...

i reached the top. there was nothing there. staircase ended and there was a big, flat area on top of the tower... i thought to myself.. "this is where i am in my life right now, and in order for tower to write more stories i need to live more.."
and i steped on top of the tower, closing my eyes.. relaxing and saying to myself.. wake up, thats enough.. wake up.. thats enough.. wake.. up..

next thing i knew i was awake, grabing my diary and writing down what i have experienced. i was hyper the whole day as a nearly full year of work has finally started to pay off :D

And that was my first lucid dream.. bit long story now that i take a look at it.
Place that reminds me who i am, what i love...
place with all my hopes and all my fears...
place with all my friends, where i share my tears...
and all i need to do to reach it.. is.. Dream

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