My dream last night

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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My dream last night

Postby kat150 » 10 Sep 2015 20:45

It started at a concert/ comedy show with my sister. We left walking on a dusty, dirt ground. Left her there, started driving through a familiar road where I used to live through Korean town. Going towards the 105 freeway a truck cut me off. Made me mad so I cut in front of him. I saw it coming and he hit me. I black out and wake up at a hospital. Its now Wednesday but I don't remember when the accident was. I'm not allowed to walk. A boy is helping me. I think hes a nurse but hes not wearing a uniform. He takes care of me. He shows me where they keep the dead bodies. It stinks. He takes a bag of blood. "Take this," he says. I don't want to, its crusting yellow at the top, but I do. He shows me where he lives in the hospital and gives me a game to a gameboy. I use to have the exact one he has. He is taking me through a hallway. A nurse is sick and throws up. Its overpowering- the smell is. He is trying to get out to get fresh air but I'm not allowed outside. We go back, past the vomit and stench. My mother visits. She forgets that my shoulder is broken and grabs me. She feels bad but I tell her its ok. I'm at the apartment where I grew up. We are by the pool. The man came to give me my hospital bills. There are so many, I cant read some of them. I throw them into the pool. But he's right if I don't pay them I won't have health insurance. My mom is there, she says I have to. So I follow him and I know how he is expecting payment. The boy from the hospital is there, he was working for the man. We are all in his living room. And he says, "Sit on my lap." I don't want to, he is so ugly but maybe if I can imagine someone handsome. The doctor from the hospital who was kind to me. I don't like it and at one point he gets mad. "Why is it so smooth??" I tell him. He calms down. The boy just sits there.

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