The US government created ISIS

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The US government created ISIS

Postby Summerlander » 11 Sep 2015 02:41

Already, as we have heard on the news, the pro-Kurdish (coterie against ISIS) have been attacked on Turkish soil by the Islamic agents of Erdoğan—they call him 'Reis-i Cumhur' (President of the People) but it seems that 'people' in this context only refers to the Islamic fascists the president supports!

Turkey stands between the lands of Islamic rebellion and Europe and its government might just decide that there is a 'holy war', after all, which should extend worldwide. (Quite chillingly, we are suddenly reminded of the Islamic State's vow to usurp the Vatican and the promise to send thousands of disguised soldiers to Europe.) Europe is in trouble!

But here is the big clincher that exposes the real creator of ISIS—the culprit the EU should turn to for due help in cleaning up this migration mess: the United States government. That's right! America should be taking in all the migrants because they did everything in their power to destabilise Syria. (Forget the tedious Anglo-American propaganda we've all heard repeated in the media.)

The story starts with Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian leader who dared to oppose the great American empire and found himself accused of poisoning his own people with sarin gas—earning him a mighty civil war and incurring international opprobrium to his regime!

What followed was an insurgency of Islamists—including al-Qaeda—which the US government could have quelled from the beginning by supporting a secular Syrian army; the White House chose, instead, to countermand an amicable meeting that was suppose to take place in Istanbul between Hillary Clinton and secular representatives in order to discuss plans to stabilise Syria.

Why was the humanitarian meeting cancelled? Just imagine military strategists and capitalist economists advising Obama in Washington to secretly support the most extreme Islamic rebels—with the CIA training them in Jordan just like Osama Bin Laden once was!—against president Assad in order to spark a lucrative war: a step towards worldwide monopoly of natural resources for the good ol' USA.

At the time, while the Gulf countries and Turkey supported anti-Assadists (like the West), nations like Russia, China, and Iran supported the Syrian dictator. Why? Because the latter nations compete with America in the global market. And so it was that Washington managed to convince Saudi Arabia to sponsor an Islamic State in its infancy knowing fully well what it could lead to: an army guaranteed to attract jihadists until it became a force to be reckoned with—its first jihadist goal was to overthrow the Syrian government.

Bashir al-Assad opposed the proposal to establish the Qatari natural gas pipeline that could dethrone Russia as Europe's main energy provider; he wanted to protect its powerful Russian ally. Ultimately, believe it or not, this is about a 'cold quarrel' between two superpowers: USA and Russia. (Yes, it's redolent of the Cold War.) And religion, as usual, doesn't help matters; as I've mentioned before, especially Islam, the cult of death, aggravates the matter and makes the present situation even worse than the Cuban Missile Crisis of the '60s when neither side—capitalists and communists—had the escatalogical gall to pull the atomic trigger. (Mankind, with its continuous tribalism and greed, may just incur a third world war.)

So, when it comes to killing two birds with one stone—monopolising the area and weakening the enemy—these forces will stop at nothing until they see the building of an effective intercontinental infrastructure in Damascus.

The truth is quite sad: as ISIS beheads people and commits every sin under the Levantine sun, the United States has the perfect excuse to sell billions of upgraded weapons to its Middle Eastern allies—the Kurds of Iraq, the Jews of Israel, and the Arabs. Chillingly, the US military-industrial commitee benefits every time a war erupts on any part of the globe. If there are no wars and no enemies, they are quite prepared to invent the cause and make the enemy—usually with the CIA as a catalyst.

Imperialism and Jihadism—as agendas of the United States and Islam—are the common denominators that churned out this Salafist mess currently threatenimg our way of life.

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