Reality check success

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Reality check success

Postby Blue-Starbie » 13 Sep 2015 00:15

I had my third lucid dream. :D

I'm making a quick dash to the closest bus stop in a street close to my college. I start to jump for some reason, I float up into the air and slowly descend to the ground while keeping my forward speed. I'm jumping like I'm on the moon but I'm still on Earth. Oh no!A bus has gone by but thankfully, it's not the one I want to catch, it had a different number to my usual route. I stopped jumping at the corner of the street because I know that moon jumping isn't normal. "How come I can moon jump in reality?" Which that question in mind, I pinch my nose and breathe but air is going through it. I must be sure that my nostrils are blocked so I pinch with my thumb and index finger on my nose, squeezing tight (but not too tight) and I can still breath! To be double sure, I look at my hands but they look normal; five fingers and normal shape. I push my right hand into the left palm. My right finger go through it but it was like there's a portal on my palm as my finger's aren't showing up through the other side. Eventually, the back of my hand has bumps in the shape of my fingertips. I'm so stunned by what I'm seeing. I can't believe I did a successful reality check! I immediately recognise that I am dreaming and shout "Clarity, NOW!" The colours and details are bolder than before.
With this new awareness, I become a bit devious and walk into the closest house. The house is a regular house with many wooden furniture. It's like a regular family house. I nose around and look around the room I'm in. I can see a doorway with the bottom half of the door shut. I peek round the top half but there's a woman and she saw me! I offer to leave the house peacefully if she didn't call anyone for help. I left the house.
At this point of my dream, I think that I've started to lose my lucidity. I remember going along a seaside area. A huge mirror in front of me. I look into it, hoping that the reflection would manifest into my subconscious. My reflection copies my movement but I was hoping that it would do something else so that my inner me would show herself to me. I reach out to the mirror, slowly. As my fingertips reach the glass, I'm in someone's house. I'm oblivious to the scene change, as if I thought I was there for a while. I'm in the landing, upstairs. The landing is quite dark, I don't think there's any natural lighting here. I see someone there, I talk to them (but I've forgotten what we talked about. I think it's about someone's bedroom, I remember thinking about a wolfaboo when I woke up and I think that's the owner of the room).

I'm in a living room, similar to the first house I was in. I walk past some women on a sofa, chatting away to each other but two of them are family members.

At some point of my dream, I felt my dream fade away as I slowly drift into awakening. I hear the voices getting more and more quiet and the scene turning black when eventually, I opened my eyes.

A while back, I was really cheesed off that my reality checks were failing me but now I'm glad I found one that worked this time. Pinching my nose and pushing my hand through the other worked for me. :)
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