"I WANT TO WAKE UP!" dreams

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"I WANT TO WAKE UP!" dreams

Postby Val_R » 18 Sep 2015 03:27

I've been having this kind of dream where you know you're dreaming and you want to wake up and you just can't, like two or three times a week.
I'm in a forest, outside an old wooden house, I'm with a couple people who apparently are my friends and then like an "invisible arm" takes one of the guys and pulls him into the house, then the arm grabs me and another boy. The house is full of dust and smells like old. There's two beings (like aliens, their faces are always changing) sitting on couches in front of us, they can't move but have telekinesis and they don't let us move from the couches, one of the guys say:
"Let us go"
I say:
"They're looking for us" (our other friends)
They both say at the same time:
"There's no one looking for any of you. We're the only ones who care about you"
And start laughing hysterically. I'm afraid as fuck
It's like another world inside the house, I can't even hear a sound outside, but the sunrays that filter from the window are orange, which means we're in the same world, the same afternoon.

I usually wake up at four or five in the morning and can't go back to sleep.
So, any help would be great.

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Re: "I WANT TO WAKE UP!" dreams

Postby Pareidolia » 25 Sep 2015 02:18

This will probably have a direct connection with what you eat before going to sleep. I'd say lay off cheese, sugar and chocolate as those are three things that release certain chemicals that can make you feel good. But they can also give you these kinds of dreams.
Secondly, it could be connected to in what position you sleep in. If you sleep in an awkward or uncomfortable position it can induce nightmares or weird dreams like you're experiencing. Your best bet is to lay on your side, preferably on your right side.

I hope this helps,

Toodles! :mrgreen:
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