WILD frustration

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WILD frustration

Postby poseidon » 19 Sep 2015 13:32

Hello LD'ers

I've tried to WILD several times with the same result: Heart racing and fast hard breathing.

The things i do are:

1. I lay down in a comfortable position and listen to binaural beats at about 40% volume so it isolates any outside noises.

2. I dont move and dont think about nothing. I dont interact with hypnagogia when it starts. I have many itches and other distractions but i dont think about them.

3. After about 20-30 minutes my hands and legs start to feel like floating and paralyse soon.

4. At this point my heart starts racing with no reason and my breathing becomes heavy and fast ( in the last WILD i kept my breathing close to normal but heartbeat was still fast and heavy )

5. Return to 3 and repeat forever.

The longer i stayed was +1 hour and soon i gave up.

note that i never get scared at any point of the proccess and at the last performs i dont even get excited.

Thanks :D

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Re: WILD frustration

Postby taniaaust1 » 02 Oct 2015 11:12

I think your issue may be how you are trying to WILD. From what you said you are missing a step which is very important for some and aren't actually trying to exit at all into a dream. You are getting into right state by the sound of it but not taking it further.

There are many ways you can exit into a dream (or an OBE) once one is in the right state for it. One way I do it if I get hypnagogia is I use my mind to interact with the images (if I get them) For example.. I saw a one inch small patch of colour before me so I then thought about it getting closer to me by thinking of myself drifting closer to it.. this caused the very small colour patch to get bigger and bigger as I thought of it getting closer ..suddenly I found myself in a room with that patch of colour being part of the wall paper.

or if I've gone into the right state for a LD or OBE.. I try to summersault out of my body (this can be scary as it can make me think Im physically going to fall out of bed and onto the floor). That though will catapult me somewhere else.

or once you get HI.. you could start trying to form a dream scene around you until you find yourself in it.

3. After about 20-30 minutes my hands and legs start to feel like floating and paralyse soon.

once you get to that point you could try to let go more.. eg think of just allowing yourself to go to sleep (I suggest to make sure thou that if you are going to do this that you aren't in your normal sleep position...as that helps signal to your subconsciousness that something is not normal so helps it to not follow the normal sleep thing). Thinking instead that you are going to allow yourself to go to sleep (but still holding a hopeful attempt to LD when you do) can when you let go, start to cause the mind to randomly drift (creating dream scenes) in between episodes of awareness.

You'll need to experiment and work out what is the best way to for you to enter into the dream from the right state. The ways above are just a few WILD method ways to trigger off a dream which can be done rather then passively trying to WILD.

Step 1 - get in right state (this can spontaneous trigger for many)
Step 2 - enter into a dream or create it
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