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General Dream Discussion

Postby Agamemnon » 20 Sep 2015 09:43

There are some matters that I would discuss. Over the years I have noticed that there appear to be consistencies within my dreams despite their seemingly random nature, and I am curious to know if this is common or not. Bear in mind I have never discussed my dreams at length before. I have had lucid dreams, however that will be a topic for later discussion.

Strength: While dreaming my physical strength is immense. I am capable of feats that would be quite impossible otherwise. I have smashed through walls, hurled vehicles at the object of my ire, and easily overpower those around me.

Levitation: This has been of great interest for me for some time now. Not only am I able to levitate into the air, I also possess the ability to slow my descent. Years ago I used to accomplish this by means of holding my breath, however in recent times that has changed. Now this feat is accomplished through will alone, and though I am unable to recall specifics, someone in a dream also taught me how to achieve sustainable flight. My interest in this stems from the fact this progress remain constant. Even after many days and different dreams, I still possess the ability of sustainable flight.

Temporal Manipulation: Over the course of many dreams I have, in remembrance the following day, seemingly controlled the flow of time. Most often this will manifest in the form of reversing the course of events that do not please me, so that I may achieve an alternate outcome.

Death: This has never been something that seems to concern me. When injured, be it minor or most grave, it is seemingly irrelevant. Little more than a minor annoyance which is quickly remedied, often through dispatching the source of the assault, at which point I move on. Wounds never last and when my attention turns elsewhere, they disappear.

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Re: General Dream Discussion

Postby Goodwill » 22 Sep 2015 23:42

I have totally different dreams but yes they have consistencies.

Reoccurring dream about fathers death as a child. (Obviously some subconscious scarring) dads always coming home and we are going to find out where he has been all this time. Always wake up before we find out.

My flying dream is always gliding. I run and catch the wind and I can gain altitude but if I go to high and stall out I may have a long drop. So I'm more like a paper airplane.

Trigger on my hand gun being to hard to pull.

Not being able to throw an effective punch.

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