Meeting Rowan Atkinson or Ron Anderson?

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Meeting Rowan Atkinson or Ron Anderson?

Postby Nickfan40 » 24 Sep 2015 19:40

This is a dream I had on September 20, 2009. It was 6 years ago Sunday:

I was walking down the street, but I don't know where it was. I see and hear Jeff Goldblum and Emma Thompson arguing outside a building about something, but I don't hang around to find out what it is. I am more interested in what's behind the door.

When I walk in, a burst of cool, sweetly scented air hits me in the face. It takes me a moment to identify it as Murphy's Oil Soap. What I think is a store is really someone's house. I see a flight of carpeted stairs, a winding staircase. I walk all the way up to the top. When I get there, I see a TV set on a tall stand. I somehow get my foot tangled up in a cord, and can't get out of it at first. When I do, I look down and notice that I am barefoot. The carpet is soft and thick under my feet.

I want to explore some more, but I have a bad urge to go to the bathroom. I look across the room and see a white door with a gold knob. I open it and flick on the light. I am nearly blinded by all the white in the room. I'm almost afraid to use it, it's so clean.

After I take care of business, I walk out, and who should I see but a man who looks like Rowan Atkinson. He gets really nasty and asks me what I'm doing there and tells me to get out. I know it's him, now, because he is dressed in a white racecar driver's firesuit and carrying a helmet under his arm. I'm not scared, though, and walk right up to him. I reach out to touch his face which feels like a cross between sandpaper and a baby's skin, really nice. Then, I lean forward and kiss him on the mouth. He backs away from me and I feel something wet. Even though the kiss didn't last for very long, I could tell that he had nice, soft, lips. He leads me to another door and I wake up.

I'm surprised he didn't call the cops on me for trespassing!

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