LUCIDITY:My comic about Lucid dreaming:Re-post

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LUCIDITY:My comic about Lucid dreaming:Re-post

Postby BadJet » 26 Sep 2015 18:00

Hello fellow dreamers! I'm re posting this because I had to make some changes to the comic and wanted to share it with you all (again). I have two issues out and I'm currently working on the 3rd. Please feel free to check it out and let me know what you think. I have a deep love for Lucid dreaming so what better place to get feed back than here.

I do need a favor from all who do leave comments. As much as I love to read your feed back on this site it would do me a world of good if you can also leave comments on the actual Lucidity site. By doing this it inspires more people to read it who may not be into Lucid dreaming and gives them more of an incentive to explore it. A lot of love goes into this project and I’m gonna try to speed things up a bit when it comes to releasing issues, hope this will hold you over until episode 3.

Here's the links
First Issue-
Second Issue-

Once again I appreciate you all for taking time out to read my work and I hope you like it. ENJOY! -Bad Jet

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Re: LUCIDITY:My comic about Lucid dreaming:Re-post

Postby Pareidolia » 28 Sep 2015 03:34

Alright, first of all, you switch "your" with "you're". That's besides a few other grammar flaws.

Secondly, the guy speaks of being an emotionless robot and the first next thing he does is show compassion.

The entire rest of the story is still a bit clichématic. I stopped reading when the guy first slept with the dream catcher because the story just lost my attention. I didn't feel like any of the characters were really well defined and they didn't offer much to draw me in.

But after all that, the drawing was alright.
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