Was i?

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Was i?

Postby Paras5 » 30 Sep 2015 15:22

So yesterday night i was reading that how to lucid dream and then i went to sleep and i was constantly saying "i will know that i am dreaming when i will be dreaming" and i went to simple dream and at night i woke up i concentrated to lucid dreaming by again saying that phrase.. and i went in lucid dream.. i saw a mountain previously i was kicked from the lucid dream so i searched for it and find out concentrating will help so i concentrated while the mountains were fading .. and then i could see detailed ice mountain.. and i was like wow.. i was on bike or something like that and gping to top of mountain.. and police car followed me and banged into rocks.. and then i thought i woke up but my dream converted into simple dream and in that i was telling my sister about i was lucid dreaming while i could still be in the mountains in a part of my brain.. this was my forst proper lucid dream.. but when i woke up for school i think like it was normal dream.. so anyone can relate that they feel like it was a normal dream when they wakeup from lucid dreamm.. or i was not even lucid dreaming..

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Re: Was i?

Postby RealityCheck » 01 Oct 2015 11:02

This happens frequently for beginner lucid dreamers. It is a lucid dream as long as you are aware that you are dreaming no matter if you can take control or not. My very first lucid dream was similar to your's. I knew I was dreaming but it felt like it wasn't when I woke up. (I also tried to convince everyone we were dreaming in my dream) This may happen because you are not fully aware and have ultimate awareness that you are dreaming which it seems you will be able to achieve after a few more tries.

When you have your legit, ultimate and awesome lucid dream, you will know it was one since it's such a different experience from all your other dreams. Good luck :)
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