Some problems i'm facing when WILDing

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Some problems i'm facing when WILDing

Postby 4Players1 » 04 Oct 2015 16:44

1. sometimes my eyelids don't stay down or twitch in a weird way and often I get the urge to keep them down, what is the best approach to that. (I already had it that they randomly opened)
2. The urge to swallow, sometimes I feel like I have to do it multiple times in a row and not doing it feels very distracting because of the feeling in my throat.
3. When I lose the feeling of my tongue there is a strong urge for me to feel it that its still there (i.e move it)
What can I do in these spots?
Thanks in advance

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Re: Some problems i'm facing when WILDing

Postby taniaaust1 » 06 Oct 2015 07:14

Experiencing eyes opening can be part of a dream so make sure you aren't fooled into its your physical eyes every time this occurs. If this is a consistant issue for you, tryi wearing a very loose fitting blindfold over your eyes to prevent them physically opening.

The other sensations.. sometimes it is best to just learn to ignore them esp if paying them any attention makes them worst.

I found one of those pillows with a hump for under the neck when I do this laying on my back, helped the swallowing issue I used to have (drawl build up if I didn't swallow it used to run out of my mouth), now I think it probably just runs down my throat unnoticed ...
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