Reading while dreaming

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Reading while dreaming

Postby jzinser » 05 Oct 2015 18:15

Hey guys, just want to share an experience that I have been recalling lately. About 4 years ago I was in an exchange program in Madrid. I used to go to sleep with my cellphone beside me, on a small table.
During a period of time of about two months I was really into this spanish girl, I thought about her all the time and really loved to receive her texts. I started having this dreams in which I checked my cellphone and saw lots of notifications about her texting me, but these didn't make much sense. I also had texts from other random people.
It was hard for me to know if it was a dream or not and I usually had to double check to make sure. These dreams were a product of false awakenings mainly... I have periods of intense false awakening episodes and this was one of those.
So, after a few dreams like these I became more critical, I would look at my phone and think about the notifications for a second. If the sender or the actual message made no sense I knew I was dreaming and I would willingly wake myself up.
By this time I had almost no knowledge about LD so I didn't really do anything except wake myself up. Sometimes I had to do this 3-4 times before I actually woke up.
I have one question here... Isn't it supposedly impossible to read while dreaming? I could read notifications clearly so this was not true in my case. Has anyone have had any similar experiences? Thanks!

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Re: Reading while dreaming

Postby ilikelucidx » 05 Oct 2015 18:30

Well, I think the best thing to do is Reality Checks, like checking your hands. In most dreams you will have 3 or 6 fingers or anything else than 5 fingers, so... do reality checks everyday like checking hands so you will get used to it, then once you get used to it, you will check your hands in your dream. In your dream, your hands will be blurry or messed up, this will let you know that your dreaming. Also ask yourself when your not dreaming "Am I Dreaming?" then check your hands, once you start doing that, you will have a chance of doing it in your dream. Let's get to your question... Yes, it is possible to read in dreams. Words in my dream are misplaced and i can not see them clearly, but some words are readable and some do not make sense.

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Re: Reading while dreaming

Postby Lonely Tear » 07 Oct 2015 15:18

lots of people say that its impossible to reed or see numbers clearly, and even if you do they will likely change into something else. while in my 3 years of lucid dreaming i wasnt able to reed anything in my dream.. i came across a dream once where i could reed something clearly, it was a message left by one of my dream characters. it was cryptic but i understood it clearly.

part of that message is now in my signature.
Place that reminds me who i am, what i love...
place with all my hopes and all my fears...
place with all my friends, where i share my tears...
and all i need to do to reach it.. is.. Dream

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