My Divine Dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost

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My Divine Dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost

Postby Dipak » 07 Oct 2015 10:56

Chapter 14


57) 16th May,1975. Early morning dream: I noticed that someone at the residence of one devotee khagendra Ghosh was announcing in a louder voice, ‘Some people who will come here will burst to death, some will face brain paralysis. But Khagendra was not visible at that moment. After a while I saw an old lady falling senselessly on me . An automatic recitation of Sri Ramkrishna’s name began to come-out of my mouth, and at this moment my dream went off.
the cheeks of one devotee Pundarik Vidyanidi and the sears appeared on his cheeks.
Jagannath did it for Pundarik’s lesions. Just at this moment the dream went off.
[The dream indicates three aspects:
i) The condition of Ravi Ganguly was revealed to the seer, as during the phase of austerity in ascent other’s spiritual conditions are revealed to the seer. This is termed as bubbles of ‘Brahmagyan’.
ii) Ravi Ganguly’s previous birth was revealed.
iii) Through the lesson of other God-the-Preceptor is removing the emotional feelings with exaggeration from the mind of the seer. Religion is not emotion, it is reality with proof.]

[The dream indicated the growing spiritual power of Mr. Ghosh and at the same time of the seer, through indirectly.“The dream corroborates the saying no 758 of ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’—the condition of other devotee will be revealed to the seer during his phases of ascent.]


58) 17th May,1975. Early morning dream: Along with Diamond I was drinking tea on the dining table. Diamond was clean shaved wearing a punjabi. While drinking, he suddenly told me, ‘See, there was a cause that you were detached from me during your student life (It happened so in reality). I became eager to listen to the cause from his mouth. But he did not explain anything and at this moment the dream went off.

[* The dream did not reveal anything at that moment. Perhaps in future it will reveal.]

(* After long years , I realized that it happened due to the fact that God will perform His work through me by recording so many facts .and my research experiences will be useful to perform such work, otherwise my life would have been like any classmates or Colleagues living a luxurious life .’]


59). 2nd July, 1975. Early morning dream: I was seated face to face with Diamond. Another devotee Arun Ghosh was also seated beside me. I felt that Diamond again came back to me after he departed. But all of us had conversation and sat with full concentration of mind.

After a long time the scene changed and again I saw Arun Ghosh whom I told , ‘I have seen you in my first dream’. Here the dream went off.

[ The dream corroborates with saying no 93 of the book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ –The mind of yogi becomes concentrated in the body and so with ‘Gyani’ and also ‘Devotee’. Whoever is blessed by God attains this condition.

Another significant aspect of the dream is that by narrating the previous dream within the next one the increased brain power of the seer is indicated.]


60) 4th July, 1975. Early morning dream: I saw in front of me a tree bearing wood apple like fruits at 1east 3-4 times bigger than the normal one. I immediately picked up one from the tree .And while holding this fruit in my hand, my dream went off .

[This dream corroborated with the saying of the book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ page 24 .

Such type of realization eradicates the ego-consciousness of the seer and is similar to that of Diamond.]


61) 20th July, 1975. Early morning dream: I saw myself in a class room with tables and chairs along with a cot. The room was packed with students. Diamond was seated there answering the questions of the students. I was only a spectator.

All on a sudden, a boy whistled intentionally. I thought who made such idiotic job! Then and there Diamond glaring at the culprit pushed him out of the class being greatly annoyed. While Diamond came inside the class room, I threw bricks at the boy and drove him out of the field. The class again resumed and I woke up.

[The dream shows that anybody showing deviation will be punished by God-the-Preceptor It is applicable to the seer at the same time.]


62) 10th August, 1975. Early morning dream: I was standing on a very beautiful place. The sea was visible at a far distance. A river was flowing a little bit away from me. A devotee named Indranath was standing in front of me. I requested him to go there. After a while I noticed a flat boat resting on land in front of me . I stood on it and it automatically started moving on the land . It carried me to a boggy place and thereafter to the river which joined the sea. It was really a very exciting experience. The boat gradually carried me to the junction of the river and the sea . I shouted with joy, ‘The sea! The sea’! Then a huge ship was seen in the sea and I boarded up there. I saw that quite a number of sailors from different Countries of the world were singing a song ‘Hail the ancient Truth-the jewel man .Jibankrishna …….’ I saw myself conducting the whole music like a bandmaster as on encouragement to them . The song continued for a long time and then the dream went off.

[The dream carries some meanings:
(i) A boat sails on the water not on dry land-it means impossible things will be possible within the body of the seer. This is in microcosm. In macrocosm, many impossible things may happen in the world by the action of Diamond in future.

Here the life force reaches the ocean i.e. cerebrum. This has a reference in ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ No-258-Kundalini Penetrating through the body reaches the ocean of eternal bliss—the cerebrum . (Vide dream no 5) .

(ii) In the long run the name and action of Diamond will spread throughout the world among different nations, religions as has happened in India and the seer may have a role in this aspect.]

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Re: My Divine Dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Gh

Postby Summerlander » 11 Oct 2015 23:05

I, Summerlander, shall use my lucid dreaming powers to find this khagendra Ghosh and then sort out the devotee for you. :mrgreen:

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