Dream Sharing as a form of collective knowledge exchange

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Dream Sharing as a form of collective knowledge exchange

Postby 013eskim » 13 Oct 2015 01:36

Hi everybody, I recently found this forum and fell in love almost instantly. I am not so much of a lucid dreamer, my learning process just began nevertheless I had some other types of interesting dream experiences that I would like to share whit you. I have become conscious of my dreams many times but I never manage to actually control them but to merely let them show me what they want to show me. I feel an inevitable connection with the personalities that I dream with and I profoundly think that there is something more to it than just our subconscious telling us things. I had many shared dream experiences with many different people but the most convincing one for me was one I had with my ex girlfriend. I was explaining to her something in the dream and her head in the bed was nodding according to the things I was telling her and she was smiling also while we where talking in the dream (actually we had like 4 or 5 shared dreams that night). I noticed all these actions of her physical body because I was very easily wakened in these precise day due to active meditation and Yoga practices in that time.
Since that event I started with my dream journal with the idea to remember my dreams more often because I also noticed another interesting fact with the shared dreams, the knowledge exchanged in them is kinda encrypted, it is not obvious everyday knowledge but symbolic knowledge that both dreamers get to understand due to their equal brain states. So I kinda got the idea that maybe the point of the dreams is to make us share worldwide personal knowledge on a subconscious level so that the whole "Collective Memory" thing becomes more reasonable and less of a secret. It could be that all of our dreams, in some way or another, are information processing for the individual AND for the whole mankind. Maybe that exact knowledge is passed on to other fellow human beings dependently on their interest, intelectual development and their connection to the "passer" of that knowledge.
Example: You are not going to share with your Mom in a shared dream, the benefits of this or that sexual position on her health if the two of you never had such a close friend-like connection; its more probable to share with your friend interested in Psychology some crazy Esquizofrenia theories that you learned from a newspaper that day or wrote about it in you essay in medical school etc...

If this is true than imagine a massive shared lucid dream that is all about knowledge exchange rather than arousal and a bunch of people flying or just sticking to talk with their own subconscious. It could be THE next step in human evolution and, without doubts, could kickstart a massive application of lucid dream techniques by numerous people worldwide.

If you believe in dream sharing,
if you believe in lucid dreaming,
if you believe in the method of "Inception" or simple knowledge exchange without any lucrative or corporative ends, than you could start experimenting this on this theory and see the outcome :)

ps I am really not sure if someone has had the same or any similar idea, I am still new to the forum so I kinda didn't have time to check all topics yet...


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Re: Dream Sharing as a form of collective knowledge exchange

Postby SunTzu » 13 Oct 2015 06:04

You are not the first to have this idea of dream sharing being used to improve our knowledge and in a sense 'evolve' us. Collective intelligence and superorganisms are very interesting concepts.
Dreamviews is another dreaming forum and has some funny characters on it. The link below is to one of these guys faqs. He's really serious about shared dreaming and talks about their possible uses.


Personally I don't think shared dreaming is possible, like other experiences I think it can be explained reasonably. But it is nevertheless interesting to read on.

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Re: Dream Sharing as a form of collective knowledge exchange

Postby 013eskim » 13 Oct 2015 17:36

Thx for the link, I will surely check it out!!!

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