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Postby joebaker » 18 Oct 2015 21:05

i have had dreams my whole life were i can fly but i loose control. but the other night i had a one of those dreams and i had control over it, i could actually take of and land. it felt like i had an energy resonating through my whole body and once i had used it i had to wait for the feeling to come back. the odd thing is i completely remember this feeling, like i actually remember what its like to have powers and now its more than flying. i understand these dreams happen allot but this was different. it felt purposeful. the only way to explain it is that i know what it feels like to be superhuman. i know what it feels like to have energy flowing thought my body. if anyone can shed light on this i would really appreciate it.

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Re: superpowers

Postby jasmine2 » 18 Oct 2015 23:29

Joebaker, I have intermittently experienced unusual sounds, energy vibrations, or feeling of lightness, floating and expansion just as I transition into lucid dreaming, and the few times I've had out of body experiences. This has been more common during periods of my life when I practice yoga postures, and various types of breathing/energy visualization exercises and meditation.

I recommend the following -

- Article - "The Tantric Principle In Lucid Dreaming" - - by G. Scott Sparrow

- Article - "Patricia Garfield's Pathway To Ecstasy Re-Released: An Interview" -
Interviewer - Jayne Gackenback
Includes discussion regarding a variety of unusual energy sensation that may accompany lucid dreaming

- Website - - Lucid Dreaming Experience
Free archive of many issues of this online magazine. Contains numerous interviews with experienced lucid dreamers. Some issues focus on subjects related to energy phenomena in lucid dreams.

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Lonely Tear
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Re: superpowers

Postby Lonely Tear » 19 Oct 2015 07:03

I never thought about my abilitys in a dream being super power but i think i understand what you mean.
i had to start from square 1 tho, and as i was learning more about dreams i had to learn how to work with the dreams to get thise powers, simple things like moving objects, flight or creating things. but, coz i never thought of them or seen them as superpowers, i dont have the same surge of energy you do in a dream, for me thise things are more natural, altho i can still feel gush of wind or other emotions like love or anger.

a strong mind can emulate feelings or things we never experienced trough lucid dreams, i figured this one out trough dreams i had, and its mostlikely that your familiar with movies / comics, thus this is one of scenarios you get thrown in durring your dreams.
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Re: superpowers

Postby RealityCheck » 21 Oct 2015 17:16

Yes! I know what you mean!

There were days for me also where my dreams were very frustrating. I was often terrified to fly and could only jump high or when I wanted to summon fire and fight, it was only me waving my hand around foolishly.

I remember a very vivid lucid dream where I learned telekinesis. It took a huge amount of effort and I could feel my muscles tensing when I tried to pick up the object through my mind. I had non lucid dreams where I was on rampage with superpowers and could literally do anything: fly, turn invisible, bash people away with air. I felt so much power and control. It's pretty cool :)
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