My Divine Dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost

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My Divine Dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost

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Chapter 15


63) 11th August, 1975. Early morning dream: At a devotee’s residence intense spiritual conversations and reading were going on. Many devotees and I were present there. Then the dream went off.

[Regular spiritual practices both in dream and reality increase the brain power with spiritualism.]


64) 15th August, 1975. Early morning dream: I was walking on a village road along with Diamond and my school mate Nisith. Diamond wore a dhoti and Punjabi (Bengali common dress) and had a chitchat with me like a very intimate friend, sometimes joking with me. Once he asked me a question. As my answer was not liked, he said, ‘No, it is not so. It will be like that.’ Then he told me the right answer. After I woke up, couldn’t remember the answer.

[In a human life God in the real friend and the seen experienced it. Moreover, long and continuous accompaniment with God-the-Preceptor is increasing the spiritual power of the seer.]


65) 11th September, 1975. Midnight dream: I felt a peculiar sensation in my brain on the back side as if an operation was going on. I was paralytic though had a half sense. In this condition a thought came in my mind that I should not feel nervous and be calm and quite. At this moment a recitation of the name ‘God’ used to be uttered from my mouth. Then I woke up.

[ Even after my waking up, the word ‘God; used to continue from my mouth throughout the day. At the same time a continuous feeling used to persist as if same changes happened in my brain in reality.]


66) 13th November, 1975. Early morning dream: I realized that Diamond again came back to his worldly life after his demise and I was having a long conversation with him. I came to know that he had become incapable of giving yogic interpretation on Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna due to his old age and he used to give accompany to the devotees for a short period. So I decided to leave my present responsible and hectic job to have a long accompaniment with him. Here my dream went off and immediately I woke up I saw in a great surprise that I had been transformed into Diamond fully in a half conscious state. Then gradually as I got back my full consciousness this sense faded away.

[ The dream and the realization has two aspects: * Firstly , I may have to leave the job to devote more time after Diamond’s work and secondly in reality I shall acquire the attributes of God-the-Preceptor . ]

( * After nine months, the dream came true thus : I left my responsible post and took a school reaching which enabled me to devote more time after editing the magazine and having more spiritual practices with devotees inspite of having more scopes for teaching in universities and top posts in other organizations . )


67) 14th November, 1975. Early morning dream: Some of the devotees had come to my residence for lunch on some occasions. There was enough arrangement of meals and everybody relished it . At a certain moment I observed that one of the devotees Raghunath Sen lied on the floor with great fatigue.I felt very sad seeing this sight. Here the dream went off.

[The dream indicates two aspects. One is that all the devotees are having their own plenty of realizations now-a-days and secondly, Raghunath’s present condition is revealed through my dream. And practically he is passing through great troubles in his real life.

During progress of austerity in ascent (upward movement of life power) other’s conditions are revealed through dreams to the seer.]


68) 17th November, 1975. Early morning dream : Maharaj Kumar of Burdwan (West Bengal ) had come to me for some reason ( In real life he is known to me ) . Though I had seen him twice in dreams having conversations on the book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’, I ignored this matter. This time also I saw him talking on the same matter but I ignored as before. But within a short while it appeared to me, well! his name is Abhaychand ( He who is devoid of fearlessness ) ! So does it indicate something for name-sake? Immediately I thought that Diamond had also the same experience in his dreams seeing a devotee ‘Abhay’ for 4 months. He interpreted it as his achievement of fearlessness.

Instantly a hymn of Upanishad came in my mind –‘Abhayam Boi Janaka praptosi’ (Janaka, you have gained fearlessness’—saying of Rishi Jagyabalka to king Janaka who gained ‘Brahmagyan’ or knowledge of Supreme one ).

There continued this recitation from my mouth without my control and after a while I woke up. But throughout the day during my working hours in the office this hymn continued and gradually faded away.

This dream corroborated the saying 426 of the book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’—‘I alone exist’ and in future it will be established in the seer’s body. ] (Vide dream no 5.)

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