Hookah Bars in San Francisco

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Hookah Bars in San Francisco

Postby hegemonia » 23 Oct 2015 18:51

My two day ago lucid dream was about an unknown place i visited in my dream. I've never been to US before. And i didn't know or wanted to know even after i realized i was dreaming what this place was. Just after i saw some hookah? bars in my dreams and walking to sea side seeing long beaches and a strange hotel where all around the district having hookahs?! then i just said to my self in my dream , what is this place and get out of the bar asked and looked every corner found clues where i was. and why there were hookah bars all around and why my brain is messing up with me with such a stupid dream.
Anyway i woked up noted my clues to paper ( i always do) in the morning looked it up on google maps and voila! i found the streets the bars and the beach and the hotel it was all there.

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Re: Hookah Bars in San Francisco

Postby Luciddreamer007 » 26 Oct 2015 19:23

Strange... Maybe we really have a soul that leaves the body
everything is amplificated in dreams except memory

expect the unexpected

A LD is like being drunk: the morning after you dont remember everything, you get horny and when you hit the ground you dont feel pain

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