Anyone have success with Dreamleaf?

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Anyone have success with Dreamleaf?

Postby Merrick » 25 Oct 2015 19:56

Hey everyone,

So I started attempting to lucid dream for about 2 weeks now and only on day 4, I had this moment of "im lucid... im dreaming". It was very fuzzy and brief and then I lost it lol...

Since then I have had better dream recall and they were more vivid but no lucidity yet.

I ordered and tried dreamleaf for the past 2 nights now and my dream recall has been worse.

I think it may be due to me being very anxious and over-excited about dreamleaf, I can't sleep right.

Has anyone had success with this? I read the reviews on amazon, but would like to see some experiences from people on this forum


Enra Traz
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Re: Anyone have success with Dreamleaf?

Postby Enra Traz » 27 Oct 2015 02:13

I've had experiences with Dreamleaf. It can aid you to begin with but ultimately you will have to rely solely on technique. Otherwise you get lazy. One day there will be a lucid-dream inducing machine. You'll see! ;-)

Fouad Faraj
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Re: Anyone have success with Dreamleaf?

Postby Fouad Faraj » 10 Nov 2015 21:03

I had the same issue when I tried taking the dream leaf for the first time. I was really excited that it would help me in my adventures of lucid dreaming and I would experience heart palpations and rapid heart rate due to anxiety. However once my body become use to its affects and I have mentally conquered my anxiety Ive had no issues and noticed any night I would use the dream leaf I would experience a lucid dream lasting longer than it would if I became lucid on my own.( Then again I also am still learning) Like the person before me said it is a great way to train yourself but we should not learn to rely on the supplement in order to lucid dream. Not only is it costly but you never want your body or mind to rely on a medication or supplement to do what you can do naturally once you have learned the technique.

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