Apocalyptic dreams/End of the world scenario

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Apocalyptic dreams/End of the world scenario

Postby zyx » 27 Oct 2015 21:22

Recently I've been having more and more of these dreams. Every single one was EXTREMELY vivid. Only one was lucid. A scene from one dream was like this: I see a big hole in the sky (Ozone layer), the moon is visible through it, along with some meteoroids and some large asteroids. Suddenly the larger asteroids start to impact earth, seemingly falling just like one would throw a rock down a well. One falls 2 miles away from where I am with a couple of my friends. And as the asteroid lands, and explodes, I utter "good night my friends" towards them as the fire engulfs us. And then I woke up.

Anyone know what's the meaning of these kinds of dreams?

And I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section, I'm a newbie here. Cheers

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Re: Apocalyptic dreams/End of the world scenario

Postby seanEE » 27 Oct 2015 21:33

to intrepid a dream you need to know exactly how the brain of the person in question works, and that is well, difficult, It could be a for telling be we wont know until it happens and that isn't much good, so in other words, people will tell you it means this, but it will only be a vague guess, at what would cause a ''VERRY'' average persons subconscious brain to think of such a thing.
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Re: Apocalyptic dreams/End of the world scenario

Postby jasmine2 » 01 Nov 2015 01:41

It seems to me that apocalyptic/end of world dreams can be associated with emotional situations in the outer world - wars, natural disasters, political and social upheavals - and/or emotional response to periods personal major life changes, when we're letting go of the sense of our old, familiar self and circumstances, but we're unsure about the new challenges and opportunities ahead.

When I was in my early 20's, I dreamed that an enemy army from outer space destroyed my childhood home and neighborhood with an atomic explosion. It was awesome, but I survived.

I think this was symbolic of the big changes I had gone through - leaving high school, completing college, Leaving my home and family, moving across country, starting a new job, finding a new set of friends, etc.

Years later, at the beginning of a period of psychotherapy, I dreamed that a great flood (emotional difficulty) covered the whole world and was even about to engulf a worried-looking moon (the reflective mind?). But things worked out o.k., over time.

Dream images of flying saucers or falling meteors may symbolize inspiration from higher levels of consciousness.

I recommend the following articles -

- "A Conversation With Dr. John Weir Perry - 1982 " - global-vision.org - When The Dream Becomes Real - Discussion of non-drug treatment of young people experiencing their 1st acute episode of schizophrenia

- Article - "The Dreams Of The Dying" - psychologytoday.com

- For detailed version of this study, see article -
- "End-Of-Life Dreams and Visions ..." - hospicebuffalo.com
I suggest skip most of the statistics and see - Table 3 - Contents Category and end of paper "Discussion".

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