Newbee to this site with a few LD's

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Newbee to this site with a few LD's

Postby Dragon » 24 Jun 2012 12:40

Hi Guys, Nice to find this site and people with similar interests. Don't find many who explore this stuff consciously. I have been having LD and OBE's since very young. They come in periods though - on and off - but consistently and at times for weeks on a row. There seem to be a gradual learning process involved to be able to hold dream attention and shift perceptions/dimensions. I am getting a bit more lazy to write them down if they are not to exciting or when it doesn't come close to the intention I am trying to work on at the moment but here a few ones out of my journal:

28 august 2009
Aware in the dream I am actively practising teleportation. Avoiding being caught. Other consciousness is present and I am told to relax. There is trust in these beings so I must have had contact with them before. I am supine hovering in mid-air. Once I start surrendering surges of energy move along my body – clearing.

Am leaping like spiderman over people, buildings etc. It feel exhilarating and power.


Waking up in the dream: Feeling the solidity of the walls being in my H’veld room. Being double aware of the physical and dream-body. Commanding seeing to clear the image. Visiting multiple people/houses and holding the dream attention. Asking myself what to do now. Hovering in the streets. Then I wake up.

sept 2010
Flying with great power and speed. Conscious. Remember intention of how to maintain dream attention. I move my arm in large circle motion together and slap the palms. This makes for an energy boost. I repeated several times then am waking up by something.

Very lucid. In building flying my way around. I was also playing piano and commenting to someone that in a lucid state one's abilities and knowledge contain much more then daily consciousness. More lucid dreaming after – forgotten exactly the content by now.

Prolonged lucid dreaming. Waking up several times but able to enter lucid again by holding the dream images. Nothing spectacular – mostly being in H'veld. Just enjoying. No inclination to go deeper but happy to be able to hold the attention.
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