My "demonic" dream.

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My "demonic" dream.

Postby Damacon » 06 Nov 2015 01:19

So.. I am new here, so let me explain. I lucid dream every dream, and I actually control my dreams like a move set. but I do not (as of most part) control the theme of the dream.

So last night I was a witch. my 2 sisters did not understand that they had the same powers as me, and so, 1 of them ignored it, and the other used there power to make drugs for themselves (she did not understand that she did this). so I confronted them whit the truth. and after a bit they believed me. and at some point one of my sisters (in reality i only have 1) got a cut on her finger, and I heeled it with my powers. then one of my sisters pointed out that the other sister had gotten some strange bruises (that I also notes in the dream, but can't make out). my "sister" pulls her shirt up, and on her stomach is said (I am the only one that can reed this in my dream): enemy. of. hell. die. kill. over and over again. and by the end of the dream I am planing my escape, after I realize my own "demonic" scars are gone. I am deeply disturb by this dream, and I do not understand it meaning.

I apologize for my English.

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Re: My "demonic" dream.

Postby jasmine2 » 09 Nov 2015 05:19

As I've observed my dreams over the years, when I dream about one of my sisters, sometimes this may have something actually to do with my sister's present or past life experience. Or, perhaps it relates to a good friend who is almost like a sister.

However, often the dream sister (or other relative or acquaintance) may symbolize some aspect of my own self, for instance, my emotional feelings or reactions to a present or past interpersonal relationship or life situation.

Sometimes negative events in the daily news or in an individual's larger community or culture can be acted out by characters in a dream.

Or, personal fears, conflicts, abuses, grief, or losses may be dramatized in dreams in a variety of ways, including symbolism related to one's body.

In your dream account, you describe how your sister had strange bruises on her stomach spelling out the words - "enemy - of - hell die - kill".

It is always somewhat risky to suggest a possible interpretation for someone else's dream, however, if you (or someone close to you) has had troubling, negative experiences in the past, it seems to me that you make a a very positive, hopeful statement in you dream - "I am planning my escape, after I realize my own demonic scars are gone." This sounds like real potential for moving on towards more positive potential life experiences.

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