Turmeric and Nutmeg

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Turmeric and Nutmeg

Postby Niloc4943 » 06 Nov 2015 02:15

Every night, a couple hours before I go to bed, I eat a half a teaspoon of turmeric and 1/8 teaspoon of nutmeg. The turmeric boosts dream vividness and intensity dramatically, and the nutmeg assists with dream recall. I find it easier to eat these two things when mixed in with some sort of smoothie (both turmeric and nutmeg don't taste that great). I really encourage everyone to try this tonight as it just helps SO MUCH. My dreams have been much more interesting and I have been able to recall up to six dreams a night since I have started doing this.

Hope you all try this tonight!

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Fouad Faraj
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Re: Turmeric and Nutmeg

Postby Fouad Faraj » 10 Nov 2015 20:52

This is an interesting post! I currently take dream leaf supplement to help make my dreams more vivid and aid in dream recall. Would it be a bad idea to also try eating the turmeric and nutmeg while supplementing with the dream leaf?

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Re: Turmeric and Nutmeg

Postby seanEE » 11 Nov 2015 22:25

apple juice is some thing I'm trying tonight, they say it helps with recall or some stuff like that.
I'm desperate, so il take the nutmeg and turmeric as well, that way i wont know which one worked :roll:
il let you know how i get on.
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Re: Turmeric and Nutmeg

Postby jasmine2 » 13 Nov 2015 00:09

It's interesting that you have experienced increased frequency and intensity of lucid dreams, associated with ingesting turmeric and nut meg.

I web searched positive and negative side effects for these spices, and it seems to me that the amount you are taking per day should be o.k.
- "Ideal Turmeric Dosage ..." - turmericforhealth.com
Recommends 1 to 3 grams. One gram = 0.2 teaspoon. So 3 grams is just a bit over 1/2 teaspoon.

- "What Is Turmeric?" - livescience.com
Subsection - "Is turmeric safe?" - Reports that excessive doses of turmeric can have negative effects on - blood sugar or blood pressure, may increase risk of bleeding, may interfere with how the liver processes certain drugs, and may present risks during pregnancy.

Large amounts of nutmeg, one or more teaspoons, can cause gastric upset, hallucinations and foggy thinking.

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Re: Turmeric and Nutmeg

Postby indigo_apple » 24 Jan 2016 05:44

Thank you so much for this! I've heard of nutmeg working but never considered turmeric. Also thank you Jasmine for the dosage research, I rarely consider negative side effects when it comes to herbs/spices with so many beneficial uses.

I only have turmeric at the moment so I'll try it this week and come back if anything interesting happens.

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Re: Turmeric and Nutmeg

Postby Darkstar01 » 30 Nov 2016 08:07

I tried Nutmeg once long ago as a kid, I thought it was not as bad as HWBR, but definitely not something you want to eat a lot of... May e a mych smaller dose would work too?

I have had increased lucid dreaming from using turmeric paste over the third eye, and a week.later I tried drinking it made from.a tea, not bad actually, crazy amazing dreams... very memorable.

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Re: Turmeric and Nutmeg

Postby Crane25 » 11 Dec 2016 23:53

Turmeric is also available in teas. Perhaps try turmeric tea and see how it enhances dreams.
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Re: Turmeric and Nutmeg

Postby warren » 22 Jan 2017 06:52

so i have no tumeric, trying the nutmeg tonight, just a straight up shot :lol:

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Re: Turmeric and Nutmeg

Postby warren » 23 Jan 2017 05:51

so i had a dream (just normal) that i was able to remember. tonight i got both.

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Re: Turmeric and Nutmeg

Postby warren » 24 Jan 2017 04:44

ok so thanks to these spices i am dreaming well, just need to get the lucidity. i feel that this section is dead because i am not seeing any new replies

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