creating a haunted house for fun

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creating a haunted house for fun

Postby Luciddreamer007 » 08 Nov 2015 12:35

Last night i had a lucid dream in which i was walking near the garage of my house. I thought for a moment "what if there is something scary in the garage?" As son as I thought this there appeared the typical music of suspense of thrillers and horror movies. I felt excitment and sort of fear while I appoached the garage entry. The music still continued.
As soon as I opened the garage door and saw my car I saw a fucking pale corpse inside the black car with some kind of crep-ass entity in front of the car.

I freaked the hell out and woke up because the realism was pretty astonishlingly intense . Holy crap!!

But knowing that its a lucid dream its like walking in one of those horror houses where you have to pay for.

The idea is still interesting to induce macabre or fearful elements in lucid dreams just for the thrill or to try to overcome some fears
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