The Chinoe Shuttle Bus

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The Chinoe Shuttle Bus

Postby Nickfan40 » 08 Nov 2015 17:00

I drank some cold water about an hour before going to bed last night. I had several dreams, but this is the one I remember the clearest:

My mother and I are sitting in the living room, talking to a man who we've never seen before. We are talking about the Kroger store on Chinoe Rd., a few miles from where we live. We tell him that we do not like the new big Kroger that they'd built on Euclid ave., just about a mile from where we live. The man talks about a shuttle bus that will take us there, even though the new store has already been built. I'm confused because I had thought they had taken it off the road. The man refers to the Kroger store by the name "Randall", but I know that the Kroger company bought up all the Randall stores in Kentucky in 1990. I'm not sure if there are any in other states or not. I wake up, thinking I'd better look into the "Chinoe Shuttle", since I had not seen it on the streets anywhere.

Maybe this is a sign that they are not going to take the Colt Trolley off the road in January! I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I had heard rumors that the city was going to take the trolley off the road for some reason, but they were not going to tell anyone WHY. That's the local government for you. I hope they keep it; I hate having "cabin Fever" in the winter.

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