I have no control.

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I have no control.

Postby Pareidolia » 12 Nov 2015 23:12

Greetings, after a long break from these forums, I seem to have found my way back.

After some personal toil, I have come across some spare time to share some more lucid dreams with you all.

Last night was really quite bad.
My mind took me home, to my father's backyard. Where I was reunited with my dog. My dog was stolen from my life and I never had a chance to say goodbye. So finally being able to see him again, even if in a dream. I never felt so blessed in a lucid dream before.

He came running up to me and I embraced him. I was so pleased to finally feel his fur between my fingers again. Then I looked him in the eye, and he took a step back. He started to dissolve into ashes, right in front of me.
I never had a more wicked tantrum in a lucid dream than that night. I screamed, cried and demanded my mind to return my dog to me once more. I heard it tell me that I couldn't see him again and I simply wouldn't have it. I stood up and rebelled against it. I ran through the house to get to the street out front. Suddenly it began to become really dark, as if all the houses were cloaked in ink with blackened fumes rising from the ground. Shadow fell over me like a cloak.

I saw these awful glowing humanoids starting to appear. They looked skeletal and had a distorted posture. I started attacking any of them I came across. It's the first time I've seen these creatures. And I've come across quite a few hostile monstrosities in my lucid dreams.

I woke up soon after that after several attempts to force myself to wake up.
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