Brief Lucid Dreams >u<;

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Brief Lucid Dreams >u<;

Postby moonlitStroll » 26 Jun 2012 02:28

I was having a very vivid dream the other night and I was able to go lucid briefly before waking up!

Pretty much it was a basic adventure dream which I have ALOT... (I'm not going to elaborate since I'm only talking about the lucid parts. XDD) I was in a room made of thorns and I was speaking to a woman whom I could recognize as the Goddess of Flight. (I don't really beleive in any Goddess or stuff like that, I'm a Christian... But I could still recognize her like this for some reason? X33) We were talking about how to destroy/vanquish her sister the Goddess of Flame and finally put a stop to her tyranny. She asked me a question that was really fuzzy, which is when I suddenly realized I was dreaming and became lucid.
I then completely a utterly forgot what I was going to say to her.

She glared at me because I was taking so long to respond. "Well?"

I suddenly realized this was my dream and I didn't want to kill the Goddess of Flame because she wasn't at fault she was just a dream and even in dream world she hadn't killed anyone, it was just convenient for the dream-plot I guess?
So I decided to try and talk GoFlight out of it.
"Well, maybe we shouldn't-"
The second I started talking though everything started to fade back into a regular dream. So I started to rub my hands together, chanted 'this is a dream, this is a dream-' in my head and then finally said-


That worked for a WHILE, but everything was really fuzzy and hard to remember. Apparently, from the little I can remember from this moment, GoFlight was not okay with the whole idea of sparing GoFlame. So we started fighting. I can't remember which of us won- (Probably me considering I always have a boss battle in my little adventure dreams which I usually win. ^u^;)

Then the dream suddenly got clearer! But after that it immediately began to fade. I rubbed my hands together AGAIN and screamed, "CLARITY NOW."


But it just kept fading! I suddenly remembered when I was reading about yelling, CLARITY NOW!
When I had read about that I worried that might happen to me and my subconscious would get upset and refuse? XDD So, then I called out-

"CLARITY--- please?"

Eheh. No luck. It kept fading. But I didn't want to wake up! So I tried the thing where you spin! And it worked! I woke up in a tiny bed in a big, strangely shaped room covered in toys, tiny back packs, and other random things that might belong to a young child. (Stuffed animals all sorts of stuff.)

I got out of the bed, already knowing I was still dreaming, but IMMEDIATELY jumped up and screamed "YESSSS!"

Then I woke up.

(I'm sorry. I know thats stupid but I was so excited and so proud I had done it. ;u;)

After muttering, awake, "F*** yes... I did it..." I fell back to sleep.

I began dreaming again... Again, not going into it because it doesn't get lucid until later. Bottom line, it was like a weird war/extreme capture the flag in this room that appeared briefly earlier in my other dream- And at one point we were in line and like then I was on a giant red-platform? Not really a platform more like a giant long rectangle building block and I was standing on it. And there were people everywhere-
But then I realized I was dreaming so I said-

"Oh, guys stop. I'm dreaming."

Everyone either went POOF or just went quiet and were horribly unnoticeable. And I jumped down and floated gently down from the platform/tall block thing. Right when I landed I was calm and smiling and getting ready to explore my dreamworld! So I rubbed my hands together, took a step, and---

I suddenly woke up.
No fair brain.

I woke up briefly for a second and said, "what."

But then fell right back to sleep.

I had ONE MORE dream. But it is very fuzzy and confusing. I will say a little more about this one because it was short and the lucid part was even shorter. It was like I was watching a movie- And it made so much sense. And I mean, even in real life it would probably make sense. It was a story about a transsexual father and his two sons-

But RIGHT when I realized I was dreaming I woke up.

Didn't have time to think or even try and rub my hands together or even get excited.

I just woke up.

Then got along with my day.

Even though it might not seem like much I'm very proud at the progress I've made in such a short time and my violent and scarring nightmares have also been lessening.

So yeah. ;u;

What do you guys think? And do you have any advice for me?

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