Time to get down to business.

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Time to get down to business.

Postby CelestialNuzzo » 14 Nov 2015 02:58

Alrighty, so I haven't been on much, just lurking around in the shadows, and studying.

I've been attempting to lucid dream for about 2 months now, and all I've gotten was a dim lucid dream (1!) that lasted about ten seconds.

So, I don't have money to go buy the Lucid Dreaming Fast Track or all the brainwave entertainement and various assorted merchandise. Am I missing out? Can I even HAVE good Lucid Dreams without buying something?

Please tell me if it's possible. So far I've tried the WBTB and WiLD technique; Any other things I can try?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Time to get down to business.

Postby RealityCheck » 14 Nov 2015 11:28

You're not the only one :)

It took me about two months for my first lucid dream which also lasted for about few seconds before I immediately lost my lucidity. Then another three month later I had my first legit lucid dream which was the most amazing experience ever.

I tell other beginners this a lot, but it just takes some time for it to sink it. I never used any supplements or spent money for dreaming aids, and I recommend you don't either :) Seeing that you've already had your first LD, you will be getting your next one sometime soon.

My advice for you first of all is not to try too hard. This happens to almost every lucid dream beginners who try to stuff as many possible methods to induce a lucid dream, and this can lead you to even less lucid dreams. Get normal sleep for few days, continue to write dream journals and doing RCs regularly, and maybe when you know you have time on your hand the next day, you can attempt a WBTB.

There are other methods of attempting lucid dreams. http://www.world-of-lucid-dreaming.com/52-ways-to-have-lucid-dreams.html If you haven't checked out the official site yet, go check it out :)

I have also heard of FILD - Finger Induced Lucid Dream (1. Wake up about 5-6 hours after going to sleep. 2. Maintain your tired, sleepy state and immediately go back to sleep. 3. Tap your index finger and middle finger one by one as soft as you can while falling asleep. 4. After about a minute, do a RC) . It has almost worked a few times for me, but I think WBTB is the most effective for easy lucid dreaming.

I don't recommend WILD for beginners

You could also check out lucid dreaming binaural beats (music for lucid dreaming). They worked once for me, but it might work better for others.

Research more about lucid dreaming, read articles and stories of other lucid dreamers, and it's also important to plan out what you will do when you do become lucid. Even though you obviously know you are awake right now, pretend that you might be dreaming and check your surrounding, do a RC, poke the mirror, i.e. just to get yourself used to being aware all the time. It may seem silly, but it will help tons :)

More questions are welcomed anytime, and don't give up! It took me months to successfully attempt a WBTB, so you're not the only one.

*EDIT: You can find some good brainwave entertainment online on Youtube without purchasing it. You can have an amazing lucid dream simply with some patience and determination!
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