Exhausted and fed up? Need insight into reoccurring dream?

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Exhausted and fed up? Need insight into reoccurring dream?

Postby Oliecopter » 14 Nov 2015 10:26

So basically I have had the same dream at least once a week for several months dragging on to almost a year. I have no idea if it's actually a dream, or if it's some type of sleep problem that needs addressed, either way - it's slowly tormenting me and I need to vent.

Last night it hit me again, and I'm afraid every single night that it's going to happen the next - so I find it difficult to fall asleep. Basically I end up closing my eyes. I'm in a dream. It's usually abnormally vivid - rich with details. Then suddenly, I notice something odd within the dream. Somebody will say something bizarre, or I'll see a distorted face, or I'll see random imagery that has nothing to do with the so called "dream plot." And at that moment - I automatically know that I'm in a dream. I'll say to myself - this is a dream. Since they've happened frequently, I do not panic anymore. I wait and tell myself "I'll wake up soon." And I always do.

The problem is I wake up within the dream. I'm in a place that looks like my bedroom but isn't. It's a dull looking version of it. I try to open my eyes, but I can't. But somehow - I can still see even though I'm straining - somewhere - to open my real life eyes. My body starts "tingling" all the way from my neck to my legs. It's so strange because I can see myself move, but I can feel myself not able to go anywhere and struggling. For instance it takes a great effort to move my leg. It starts to tingle when I move it, and I can see it move. But in reality it hasn't gone anywhere. I know I'm still laying there in my bed, in waking life, unmoved from my sleeping position. It's like I'm conscious but can't get anywhere, and I have no idea if this is actual sleep paralysis as I don't really hear or see anything strange to accompany it. It's just me struggling to move until I finally snap out of it.

Instead of panicking I get frustrated. Because this cycle continues on - and - on for 30 minutes or more. Wake up in the dream, realize I'm not awake - try to move - start all over again. The problem is when I finally wake up. Not only does this dream give me the creeps, but it exhausts me to no end. I wake up feeling like I just ran a marathon or two and am too paranoid to go back to sleep in fear that it will happen again. I'm really just sick to death of having it and would like to put an end to it.

But it never fails. I have it. And I'm stuck and it's like a dreadful feeling - like I'll never get out of it - or I have no choice but to sit the dream through and wait. I never see any scary things, but in the back of my mind I feel like they're lurking around - and the only way to get away from what might be there is to wake up. Any thoughts or advice is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Exhausted and fed up? Need insight into reoccurring drea

Postby jasmine2 » 15 Nov 2015 04:42

I can understand your feeling of frustration resulting from recurring dreams in which you seem to achieve lucid awareness, but you have much difficulty moving your dream body. The memory of your frustration seems to have created sort of a negative feedback loop in which you anticipate difficulty moving, so this is what happens in your dreams.

I suggest that you could try focusing on the positive aspects of your dream life.
Congratulate yourself for the fact that -
- You often have vivid dreams, and you remember them
- You are getting practice having dreams within dreams
- You often have unusual sensations of subtle energy moving in you body.
These are all very interesting perceptions.

Do you keep a dream journal? You don't mention this. I've found that keeping a dream journal seems to send a very positive message to the unconscious mind that you are open to learning from your dreams.

Before bedtime, you could meditate a bit and ask you dreaming mind to - "Please show me how to move my dream body more freely."
Or a more general request - "Please show me what I need to know now."

Do you perhaps feel limited by some daily world life situation? If so, ask for dream advice about specific "outer world" challenges.

Try expressing important dream images or emotions by means of drawing, painting, clay modeling, dance, etc.

If you are uneasy about encountering a scary dream creature, say a demon or dragon that growls and glowers, try a new mindset with "inspiration" from these YouTube videos

- Song - "Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better"
- "The Monster Mash" - a totally corny song from 1962

- Website - dreamstudies.org - Ryan Hurd - click "sleep paralysis" articles

- sawka.com/spiritwatch
Article - "Patricia Garfield's Pathway TO Ecstatsy Re-Released: An Interview_ with Jayne Gackenback

YouTube - "1995 Robert Monroe Radio Interview on OBEs" - by JuicePOd OBE TV

Best wishes - jasmine2

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