My most powerful lucid dream....and a question for you!

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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My most powerful lucid dream....and a question for you!

Postby libertylove » 14 Nov 2015 20:06

Hi! Just want to introduce myself, I'm new here but not new to lucid dreaming.....just haven't done it in a long time and wanting to get back to the right mindset. I've gone through "spurts" of lucid dreaming, the most profound series of them taking place about 10 years ago when I was 19. I thought I'd share the one that really stuck with me the most.

I woke up, and at first everything appeared exactly as it had when I had gone to sleep. Our bedroom was dark, I was in bed under the covers. But then I noticed something-- we were living on Broadway in Seattle at the time, right across the street from a gay bar. It was ALWAYS loud. But all I heard was total silence. I immediately knew that I was dreaming. I looked to my right and my boyfriend (now my husband--let's call him M) was not in bed next to me. I got out of bed, crossed the dark bedroom and opened the door onto our living room. M was sitting on the couch, and all the lights were off. He looked at me and smiled his little smile (he almost always shows up in my lucid dreams, never talks, just looks around.....and it's crazy, but it feels like HIM---not the half-shadows of people you usually get in dreams. He has presence!) Anyway I looked at him from the doorway and asked him, "So......are we really out here, I dreaming, and we're actually both still in bed?" He cocked his head curiously to one side as if he were thinking about the question, and then suddenly the REAL M stirred and rolled over in our bed, instantly waking me up. The transition between the dream and real life felt like the same level of consciousness, the same degree of alertness, so the effect was that of being suddenly transported back to the bed. I also got the strangest impressions that I had really talked to him on a subconscious level, and that when I prodded him with the question, it caused him to stir.

Might sound crazy, but the next morning I told him the whole thing, and (keep in mind, he is a very logical person not at all prone to flights of fancy, and he is honest to a fault.) He looked at me with an odd look and said, "You's really weird, but...I feel like I kinda remember that."

What do you think? Is it possible to share dreams? In my lucid dreams he is always a tourist, an amused onlooker, who accompanies me and looks around at what I'm dreaming. It FEELS like him. Man, if there is a way to enhance this connection (if it is one) I want to know how to do it!!! I read Richard Bachs' A Bridge Across Forever and he claims he and his wife were able to share dreams and remember them, but no one else I've met has had anything similar

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Re: My most powerful lucid dream....and a question for you!

Postby dreamerinmiami » 17 Nov 2015 03:19

I always try to be logical but sometimes i have dreams that make me question certain things. One time i had a regular dream about playing a video game with my brother and the next day whwn i woke up i told him about it and he told me he had a dream of us playing video too. Maybe you have a great connection with your husband. Try and get him into dreams and see what happens :)

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Re: My most powerful lucid dream....and a question for you!

Postby Lonely Tear » 18 Nov 2015 15:46

i have heard countless reports from Couples, or people with strong connections to each other (like M and yourself) about sharing dreams.

SADLY i never had a chance to share a dream with anyone witch makes me kinda sad... but during my 3 years of lucid dreaming, i have found few people that had thise experiences, some on smaller scale, like yours, and some on larger scale, where they could be present in a same dream, make decisions and do whatever it is they want to do, and still remember it in the morning.
it works with people that are connected on a deeper level... have known each other for years or similar...
and the more i hear about this the more i want to experience it, i have been dreaming about many worlds and landscapes, had many adventures and meet MANY dream characters... it would me amazing to have someone by your side to see all of it. im learning about drawing and plan to become an artists so i can share my dream with the world ^^

so, yeah dream shareing is a thing, but its quite rare. ill say this just for the sake of comparison so dont take it too seriously but, out of 5000 people, one is a lucid dreamer, and out of 5000 lucid dreamers, 2 will be able to share dreams.
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Re: My most powerful lucid dream....and a question for you!

Postby taniaaust1 » 29 Nov 2015 17:17

Hi, yes shared dreaming is real. I once had a shared dream with my daughter, we both woke up from the same dream at exactly the same time. (she'd called me into her dream as it was a nightmare).

Another time I got astral and saw the things which came from her dream a short time before only to then find out they came form her when I woke up.

but yeah, these things are very rare. Ive been doing this a long time now and only those two dream shares.
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