Weird Head Thingy

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Weird Head Thingy

Postby Reagilias » 15 Nov 2015 15:32

So sleep paralysis then lucid dreaming. It was all fine until I tried to put in someone from my childhood whose face I can't remember. To my knowledge, the subconscious shouldn't care because it can pull it out from some dark recess of my brain. But when I tried, there's this weird ultra fast pulsating sensation at the back of my head (when you "Put your hands behind your head in a police situation thingy, at the areas where your palm meets the head, those 2 spots are where it's most prominent), and I immediately wake myself up. I don't know if my head will somehow burst if I try too hard (probably not) or I won't be able to wake up (less unlikely, but probably not as well) or it's just some kind of barrier I have to overcome. Even though the negatives are very unlikely, I'm still too scared to try. Anyone else have/had these experiences?

Another thing: sometimes I can feel my eyes moving, like, insanely fast. Is that REM sleep? And is it normal/possible that I could have been aware of it?

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Re: Weird Head Thingy

Postby luckycloud » 16 Nov 2015 17:50

I experience a relatively similar phenomena when I'm caught in sleep paralysis. Whenever I plant so much as a seed of a thought of lucid dreaming, there begins a wildly intense vibrating sensation that overtakes my skull and it makes a very electrical humming kind of sound. It scares me at first, and I may even panic, but after dealing with it for a few minutes, I soon view it as harmless, and it leads to lucidity.

I would suggest to stay as calm as possible, as I'm sure you may have been told before, and count to four in unison with the inhale and exhale of your breathing repeatedly while assuring yourself that what you're experiencing is perfectly harmless. Sometimes I think of it as a subconscious barrier telling me to quite trying and just fall asleep, but of course it is a barrier to be overcome.

Hope that helped a bit.
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Re: Weird Head Thingy

Postby taniaaust1 » 06 Dec 2015 11:30

Lots of weird sensations can happen during SP and you need to just recognise these for what they are, only sensations and not something real. You need to think about this deeply in a logical way so you can overcome your fear or the fear will keep things like this occurring. I'm 100% sure your head isn't going to explode while doing this :D (Ive never heard of anyone going to bed and then being found with brains all over their pillow) and you need to make yourself believe that too.
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