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Postby Peeps » 26 Jun 2012 04:11

Hello! I've been dream journaling and doing reality checks for the past two weeks, which was when I first discovered lucid dreaming. Meditation, on the other hand, has been rather frustrating. I can't clear my mind of anything, every time I try pushing things away they come back flooding me with a wave of thought and distraction. I've tried guided meditation, but it ended with the same results. Will it get easier with practice? I have trouble focusing for twenty seconds, let alone twenty minutes.

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Re: Salutations!

Postby Worldenterer1 » 27 Jun 2012 00:46

In the same boat as you.
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Re: Salutations!

Postby siddle » 27 Jun 2012 15:41 do you also have an over active imagination? Perhaps visual memory is most prominent? That or you, like me, work for a raging lunatic who believes in the sentiment that "beatings will continue until morale is improved"? :)

I ask because that is why my minds-eye is absolutely flooded a majority of the time. I tell folks I'm not much of a multitasker....but when it comes to random thoughforms running amuck; well, that I can do in mass.

What helps for me, is to imagine I'm standing in a field....nothing around (hazy or foggy around....grey colour seems to help me....or else........."Squirrel!!").
Then I imagine myself standing straight, with my head aimed up at the sky. And it's raining....not so much "thunderstorm" by density, but rather a light shower.
Then as each new flailing thought passes by...("oh, did I get that report pulled for my boss?"...."Oh, did I move the laundry from the washer to the dryer?"...."What is the meaning of life?"....), I start to imagine that each thought that passes is represented by a droplet of water. Basically you are shooting for any visual image that flattens the weight of each concern or random thought. Don't get mad if you start processing a thought....when you notice it...just, very calmly assign it to a drop, and watch it fall from the sky, past you, and hit the ground.

At first, it may seem a bit silly....but by the third night I was automatically assigning each thought to a rain drop and letting it pass by.. Now, when I'm in a relaxed state....if I start thinking too much, I can imagine standing in the rain, and it will quiet my mind.

I've never been very good with the...."think of nothing......"be in the void" stuff. My mind doesn't work that's over active. So I had to find a common image (rain drop) that could represent ALL thoughts. (Another version I've used is, you are going light-speed through space and each star that passes is a thought...but I like the concept of flying through space too it ended up being counter-productive...LOL!)

Hope that helps.
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