Lucid or Prophetic?

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Lucid or Prophetic?

Postby ctkoth » 16 Nov 2015 09:14

Hello my name is Corey, 24 Male CT/USA. I will skip the formality to get to the point of the pain i feel with dreams I have which nobody seems to understand. I have yet to hear any recollections of dreams as complexly linear as mine, or recurring as horrific, powerful etc so I figure it won't hurt to talk to other dreamers and find some waking answers. In summary (mind you the prophetic part comes this year) I remember since I was 6? I would have many recurring dreams/themes including running through a dungeon hall into a room full of poison smoke. I'd get attacked by monsters (i remember one dream I died an ogre smashed me in the driveway). Around 10 years old I taught myself if a dream got to intense or, I feared it being so I could blink repeatedly because I knew it was a dream and wakeup.

As i grew in adolescent these monsters became more human like and I would often fist fight only to have my attacks be slow and weak yet, having theirs be fast as i struggled to block theirs wouldn't hurt either. Around this time I also learned to fly in my dreams often, uncontrollably to where i ended up in space drifting in fear. There were other times I would dream about girls I knew or, talked to that I wanted and I would be so much happier in my dream as we just adventured or talked.

Around 19 as I was getting into better relationships and becoming a stronger person in life I would hunt the monsters in my dreams realistically with knives similar to the game Hitman (I only played once though, I don't play many violent games) throwing steak knives to impale them and picking up to go hide and plan elimination of impeding threats i sensed (yet still worried). Sometimes different women would burden me in assistance or, try to seduce me after i killed the monsters.

My strength in dreams gradually progressed to me being able to control my flying, and being able to blow up monsters with a snap of my fingers or, pointing at them to incineration. There was times I was single in real life and I would walk around looking for suitable partners yet, often none of them were what i wanted so when I wokeup I often wanted to go back to sleep to keep searching. the few times I found what I wanted in those manners I would get satisfied and wake up disgusted with myself.

Around 21+ I began having more linear mission orientated dreams combined with a mix of realistic and unrealistic power such as starting exploring castles/schools for hours with a party of friends, encountering what seems like normal situations and having it turn into supernatural danger such as the girls that transformed into witches and attacked or, the car that let me travel to the past with a time limit i went over to have it sink to hell. One dream I remember boarding the boat to the island of purgatory similar to Dante's Divine and just how the dream seemed like years of waiting to be processed...

In the past 1-2 years (23-24) i started having more dreams in which I wasn't myself or, just a camera. I would see disasters such as mothers pushing their children to drown in a flood to "save" them. I would see people fighting each other from different perspectives and times, that changed how i viewed the fight the first time. I would have shapeshifting dreams, dreams I would wake up in my dream into another dream. (i even had one time I was homeless sleeping in a church playground in which I woke up in the dream to walk away down the street and wakeup again in the dream to start at the same place in a loop about 20 times. I feared I was dead)...

~I apologize for such a long intro, I'm really trying to accurately recollect my dream history! Now that I have gave a synopsis I will proceed to share at least a couple dreams i documented the day after. I really hope I find resolution online, in life or, in death...

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