Herbert Lom in my living room

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Herbert Lom in my living room

Postby Nickfan40 » 18 Nov 2015 14:52

Not long ago, I wrote in one of my posts that I was going to record the voice of Herbert Lom and play it all night long; yesterday I did. It really does work. I got one of those record players at Sam's Club that records records and audio cassettes on cd. I recorded the parts of The Phantom of the Opera with his voice on cassette and then recorded it on CD. I had to do that about 7 times, because there was 11 minutes of him in the movie! I ate some chocolate at about 10 pm last night and ate a couple of slices of sharp cheddar cheese at about 11:30pm to go to bed at midnight. Here is what I dreamed:

I was sitting in the living room with my mother (oh, no! Not again!); it looks exactly the same way it does in real life, only between the two chairs by the door, there is a concrete wall. He just appears on the other side of the wall. He looks much taller than me, even though, in real life, he is/was only 3 inches taller than me: I'm 5'5, he was 5'8. He looks slightly older than he did in The Phantom of the Opera and he was wearing amber/orange sunglasses (I was looking up BluBlocker sunglasses before going to bed). He is wearing a cream-colored suit with no tie, the shirt slightly open at the neck.

I want to kiss him, but to do so, I have to stand on a chair to reach him. I touch his face, which is smooth to the touch, without stubble. I start kissing all over his face and lips, running my hands through his hair as I'm doing so, and he's kissing me back. The wall has gone away, because I can feel his body under me as we kiss, and I'm not standing on the chair: he has returned to his 5'8 height.

As I'm kissing him, I look out of the corner of my eye and see my mini cassette player on the floor by the TV set, and I wonder what it's doing there. I see my mother sitting in the chair at my computer desk, but she doesn't say anything, which is strange because she "talks a blue streak" in real life.
This is pretty good for the first time out, listening to his voice. I was pretty sick last night, too. I might have to start drinking cold water again before bed to make it clearer.

I was watching a movie called 99 women the other day. Herbert Lom was playing The Governor, who oversaw the women's prison. In one scene, he is watching two women having sex. Too bad he didn't make it a threesome! Whoo-Whoo! He was wearing sunglasses in the movie, too.

I'll have to get some of those Hypnotic dream CDs that help both women and men have erotic dreams. I have a post about those, too.

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