My Divine Dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost

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My Divine Dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost

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Chapter 17


74. 25th November, 1975.

Early morning dream: Diamond had come to his ex-dwelling place at Kadamtala, Howrah Town along with 2-3 companions. One unknown person came to me and said that Diamond was in search of me. I promptly got prepared to go to Diamond and within a very short time started for Diamond. Here the dream went off.

[To start for God-the-Preceptor means advancement of austerity or progress of life-force towards the dwelling place (i.e., cerebrum) of God.]


75. 5th December, 1975.

Last night dream: I saw someone was playing a khol (An indigenous drum) and I was singing a devotional song with a Khanjani (An indigenous musical instrument with two small metal discs). At this stage the dream went off.

[The dream reveals instantly like this; The devotional song by the seer indicates that in future he will have many realizations in his descent condition of austerity.

Note : In future actually the seer had experienced innumerable realizations in descent.]


76. 7th December, 1975.

Late night dream: I was standing in front of the laboratory of the Agri-Horticultural Society of India at Calcutta, my ex-working place. Suddenly 3-4 young boys stood in front of me. One of them, a very strongly built body, came behind me and tore the back side of my shirt. The torn portion was hanging and I charged the boy. He said, ‘it was already torn, I tore the rest’. I caught him with an intention to punish him. But as soon as I caught him, all my grudge was wiped out and a feeling of love grew in my mind. It seemed to me as if the boy had long been familiar to me. The dream here went off and just at the moment of awakening, these words flashed in my brain. ‘Sadhana (austerity) of descent’.

[An unnatural feeling of divine joy used to play in me for a long time throughout the day, as an effect of the dream and realised that this dream was a corroboration of the previous dream.]


77. 8th December, 1975.

Early morning dream: I was spending my time with many companions of Diamond in an unknown place , Discussion and reading of Sri Sri Ramkrishna Kathamrita were going on there . Sometimes I was roaming casually here and there . In one place I observed a magician playing magic. From there I went to another place and saw Anath Mondal and many other companions of Diamond reading books on Diamond (Jibankrishna ). I sat there and the dream went off.

This dream revealed the sayings of Sri Ramkrishna –‘After achievement of God the seer casually roams around the town for enjoying amusements’.


78. 9th December, 1975.

Early morning dream: I was spending time at Debkumar Choudhury’s residence where Kathamrita reading is going on—including enjoying snacks. After a while I saw myself in an unknown place and how I was present there was unknown to me. The place seemed to be of prehistoric age - a boggy place with dense forest. Suddenly an unknown voice entered into my ear—this is a place of prehistoric age. I was surprisingly thinking—I am now in prehistoric age! Then I climbed up a tree and reached a height of 6’-7’. Suddenly I noticed two creatures—half man half monkey, were observing me with great astonishment. Again the unknown voice told me, ‘These are Ape man’. Then all on a sudden the tree carrying me began to fly in the sky. It went on passing so many houses, places as well as time. I was enjoying this experience with great joy and fun. After some time I observed that it took me back again to the residence of Debkumar Choudhury.

[The dream revealed the annihilation of time and space to the seer. Revelation of long past also indicates the powerful brain faculty and at the same time dream indicates one probability that the existence of human race was present from time immemorial.


79. 11th December, 1975.

Early morning dream: Very forcefully I was saying to one of my friend named Debasish—‘see, destruction is coming’—this sentence was uttered repeatedly by me without my own consciousness. When I came to normalcy, it seemed to me that some other force was talking through me. The dream went off.

[The dream revealed that the effect would come internally indicating the destruction of animal passion within the body of the seer.]

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