Was I lucid?

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Was I lucid?

Postby ArnoudBerg » 22 Nov 2015 13:41

I am a beginner in lucid dreaming, and I had this dream which I am not sure of it was lucid or not.
the dream was like this: I was sitting at my dining table when I tried to push my left finger through the right palm of my hand (AKA I did a reality check). And at the moment my finger went right through, I had this weird feeling in my head and somehow my field of view was enlarged. Then I got up and walked for a bit. I tried to teleport to some random forest by closing my eyes ans say "bring me to the forest" (with no result).
Now that's all I remember, but IRL a friend said that if I ever lucid dream, I could teleport to a forest by closing my eyes and say "bring me to the forest". Now I find it very coincidental that I did that in my dream, because that means I could've been lucid. But the one thing that I don't know I am sure of, is if I was aware that I was dreaming.

Could it be that I was indeed aware that I was dreaming, but forgot about it when I woke up?
And if that's not the case, I can't call it a lucid dream because I wasn't aware, right?

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Re: Was I lucid?

Postby shutterbugjen » 18 Dec 2015 15:35

I haven't had a lucid dream myself yet, but I've been reading substantially on this topic and from what you say, it sounds like you did in fact have a lucid dream. You performed your reality check, realized you were in a dream and you attempted to control it. I suggest going to the "articles" section of this website and looking for the ones related to dream control. I recall several references that sometimes you'll be able to, and other times it may be difficult. Just because you weren't successful at transporting to the forest does not mean it wasn't a lucid dream. :)
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