Question! ^u^;

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Question! ^u^;

Postby moonlitStroll » 26 Jun 2012 22:12

Ehem, well- My problem isn't having lucid dreams or vivid dreams... My problem is staying in them.

I know some of you might be thinking it's because I'm too excited, sometimes that is the problem but recently I've learned to stay a lot calmer!

In a very recent dream I became lucid, but only briefly. It was the most calm I have ever been in a lucid dream! And it wasn't blurry or weird, I just realized I was dreaming and took control! (And it stayed so very vivid and detailed!)

I had decided right after becoming lucid I wanted peace to explore my dream world, which is hard because in my dreams I usually have hundreds of Dream Characters everywhere running around and being generic, helping (or opposing) my actions depending on what was convenient to the dream plot, etc...

So when I realized I was dreaming (I was standing on a large red pillar/thing, with people/humanoids/other creatures all around on this winding ramp that led to the top of the absurdly tall pillar, with a few people down at a podium and in other places-) I right away said, "Oh, guys stop. I'm dreaming."

Either they all disappeared or just got really quiet and unnoticeable.

Then, still standing on the absurdly tall red pillar/thingy, I jumped down, and because I wanted to, floated gently to the bottom!

On the floor I was smiling and still feeling very calm- I rubbed my hands together, then took my first real step to explore-

But then I woke up.
No fading or confusion, I just woke up.

But I was so calm and it seemed like I had SO MUCH control over the dream!

Does anyone have any idea or explanation as to why this happened? ;u;
I would really appreciate any comments or ideas from anybody! ^u^

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Re: Question! ^u^;

Postby Peter » 27 Jun 2012 10:07

its very frustrating and try to think of what you have done. So on entering the LD you are pleased to be there and happy for that, any negative thoughts on not being able to hold the state will pushed aside and these background thoughts will most likely be a barrier and you wont even be aware of them. So be happy for each baby step and dont expect anything - get pinged out then just get lucid again.
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