Your Gender in Your Dream

What have you learned from your dream characters? What do they say, what do they represent, what motivates them, why do they exist?

What gender do you dream?

Always female
Always male
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Majority female, sometimes male
Majority male, sometimes female
I don't recsll
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Your Gender in Your Dream

Postby ImmortalPhoenix » 27 Nov 2015 03:00

So I haven't been having too many lucid dreams lately but I have still been recall my dreams each night. I usually dream in first person and third person simultaneously. I have started noticing that sometimes I am dreaming as a male.

Im just curious, do you dream as male or female? A grand majority of my dreams, I'm female but I do have a few dreams as a male. I just find it intesting that I am female in the waking world and identify as female but can occassionally, out of the blue, be a male in my dream. 8-)
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Re: Your Gender in Your Dream

Postby Lonely Tear » 27 Nov 2015 15:01

as a guy, i am a male in most of my dreams. 99% if them. however my dream world and most of my dream characters tend to be females or have feminine traits, about 80% of my dream characters / dream population are female, while rest is male.

and i am guilty of being female in few of my dreams when i was experimenting with.... um...
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