Hi, my names Nick and I just realize I'm a Lucid Dreamer

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Hi, my names Nick and I just realize I'm a Lucid Dreamer

Postby NickBurton » 01 Dec 2015 20:47

Hi, my names Nick and I'm 21 years old. For as long as I can remember I've been able to recall my dreams. They've always been super clear and frequent. when I was in my mid-teens I started being able to slip into my dreams at night by lying there and thinking about a previous dream sequence I had. I now know this is called WILD. Some effects would be hearing, perfectly, the clear sounds of whistles and dialogue as I drift off to sleep - even visualizing myself behind the wheel of a car and slowly rising up (just some examples).

A few years ago after an accident where my friend lost while he and I were doing mushrooms. It was obviously very traumatic and I had night-terrors for a while but never got medicated. Those have mostly since gone away. But ever since then I've had extremely visual dreams where I am almost 100% awake and able to feel textures and consciously tell myself I'm dreaming and remind myself to record details.

Every time I dream and I recognize I'm dreaming I always do a double-jump and begin floating and as long as I keep pumping my legs I am able to continuously float around. Many people close to me tell me that I flip my feet back and forth in my sleep a lot.

Recently having a long term girlfriend I've learned of stranger things I do when I sleep such as laugh out loud sometimes. Apparently I talk in my sleep almost every night.

Last night my girlfriend woke me because I was standing in the middle of the bed holding her curtains above my head - when she woke me I almost had a heart attack and laid back down - I remember in the dream thinking the ceiling was falling and I was trying to keep it up.

Anyway - that's a crude summary of some of my experiences. I'm sure once I get better at describing I will be able to make more detailed posts about whats going on. But for now I'm new to this and just wanted to post this to see if anyone can give me any insight / talk about how I can control this better / am I truly lucid dreaming?

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