My Father's "Ghost"/Babysitting with my mother and a Young..

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My Father's "Ghost"/Babysitting with my mother and a Young..

Postby Nickfan40 » 01 Dec 2015 22:32

I had this dream just last night as I was listening to my Oxybliss OBE inducer CD. I hope it's not too erotic for this forum :lol:

I was standing in my living room, just at a door leading into a bedroom ( In some dreams, I just appear at places, with nothing happening just before it. This is one of them).

I see my father walking in from another bedroom, about to go upstairs and take a bath. I'm shocked. "This can't be happening! He's dead! I'm seeing his ghost!" I think. I reach out to touch his hand and it is cold as ice, like touching a dead person! He was never very warm because he was very thin and didn't have enough body fat to stay warm, but this was a "Death Touch"! He was not pale or gray, though, just a normal, healthy color.

I fade out of the scene and go somewhere else.

I hear people laughing and screaming and follow the sound. It leads me into a room that I recognize as the back bedroom of my grandmother's house, a room that I had not been in in about 30 years! I would either play or watch TV while the adults talked, which seemed like hours to my 8 or 9- year-old mind (she died when I was 10). The room seems to be from the 1930's or 40's though, I can just sense it, as if I have just traveled back in time.

I see boys and girls in the room. The youngest looked about 2, the oldest about 6 or 7. The strangest thing about the room is that it seemed bigger than I remembered. They are a rambunctious group, running around, screaming. I see my mother and a young Victor Borge, probably in his early 30's, when he came into this country.

He is wearing a black suit, (which looked old, like from the 1930's or 40's) his hair is a bushy, curly mess (a sexy look! I hated it when he wore that Brilliantine/V05!). He and my mother are running around the room laughing, trying to keep up with "The Little Monsters" as they run around the room. My mother tries to calm them down, offering to read to them or sing to them, but she can't.

A 2-year-old boy comes up to me, putting his hands in my lap. I pick him up, hold him and rock him. He puts his arms around my neck and his head on my shoulder. I hug him tight, enjoying the pressure of his body in my lap and kissing his cheek.

I hear Victor speaking to the children, but I can't understand a word he's saying. It's strangely guttural, which I once heard him say was his native tongue, Danish. On DVD, he was talking about how hard the transition from Danish to English was.

As I'm watching him with the kids, something strange happened. I feel an odd tingling sensation in my stomach which soon turns to a "Nostalgic Melting Sensation", a melting and tugging feeling you get when you think of something in the past (I can't really explain it), and a deep ache between my legs. I knew what THAT feeling was: I was getting turned on by him. It was a combination of seeing him with the kids and those good looks, the "Cal Tan" (or is that his natural color?), and especially those deep dark eyes that were looking right at me as if he knew!

I was thinking, "S***! If those 'rugrats' weren't here, he'd be as good as thrown across that bed, getting f*****, but gently, by me!" I'd probably be the one getting thrown across the bed, he's so big and strong! I couldn't because of those kids. I wouldn't mind that my mother was in the room, because she'd seen me having sex with a young Herbert Lom in a previous dream.

I thought of the kids to get rid of the feeling. Just then, I felt something wet in my lap and when I looked, I joked, "Whoops! Someone just sprung a leak here!" Everyone laughs and a lady comes in from another room and gets the kids to come with her. She is wearing out-of-date clothing from the 30's or 40's.
As the dream faded, I was wondering what it would have been like to make love to him. Would he have turned into an old man? I wouldn't have cared. He was getting along in years by the time I got to know him in 1985, when I was 10. I had admired him for his talent and humor, not once thinking of him in a sexual way.

I have heard that dreams like this are Freudian. I have to agree because it was like that with me. My father was older when I was born; he was 44. He had gotten sicker by the time I'd come along too. I did not get the love/physical affection I was supposed to get because of it, but my older sister did, and I'm jealous. Victor Borge was older when his 2nd set of children, Frederikke/Rikke (pronounced "Ricky") and Victor, Jr./"Vebe" were born, but he was very healthy.

In the dream, he was so young, handsome and vital. Athletic body, a California suntan, deep dark eyes, nice teeth, good humored. I had seen pictures of my father as a healthy young man and wished I'd been born then. I had envied my friends their fathers because they were healthier. I would have been only a few years older than Victor in the dream.

It was strange because usually after a dream like this, I have to masturbate, but not this time. The feeling must have come and passed without it. I've read somewhere that the "melting, tugging feeling" is sometimes experienced during OBEs; I've felt it before.

When I'm ovulating (as I am now), or having my period I will have erotic dreams. That is a signal of it. I guess some dreams are caused by biorhythms.

My mother and I baby-sit sometimes for a couple one street over; they are 21/2-year-old twins, and the cutest things! We're going to do it again next month. I must have been thinking about that. It's so cute when they jump into our laps and hug us!

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Re: My Father's "Ghost"/Babysitting with my mother and a You

Postby Nickfan40 » 01 Dec 2015 23:32

I meant, "They have 21/2-year-old twins! Sorry!

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