Lucid Dreaming - A great state to be in

Discuss lucid dreaming techniques including dream recall, MILD, WILD, meditation and other ways of attaining lucidity in dreams.
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Lucid Dreaming - A great state to be in

Postby noahstyles » 02 Dec 2015 15:01

Lucid dreaming is a state where the dreamer though asleep in physical type understands he is in fact fantasizing and is able to manage his visualized desires to certain extents. There are two forms of lucid dreams, low and also high lucidity.
Reduced lucidity is where they are just partly mindful that they are fantasizing. They are not totally able to determine if the dream is actual or if they will certainly quickly stir up.
High level lucidity is when the daydreamer has complete understanding. He understands that he is fantasizing and recognizes that he'll awaken soon.
Lucid types of dreams can be useful to you in life and also are exciting and also additionally fascinating. There are those which can control lucid dreams and know exactly just what will happen.
There are different strategies to cause lucid dreaming. Some of these are gone over hereafter. There are a few short points which you have to understand about as well as do prior to adopting any of these techniques.
First, it is very important not to consume anything before going to bed because your remember will certainly concentrate less on your desires as well as even more on what you're absorbing.
Second, you additionally wish to steer clear of from anything that will alter your remember so you do not remember the desires, such as alcohol or sleeping medicine.
It is likewise a good idea not to have any food prior to you falling asleep because this will lead to your mind being concentrated on your food digestion process rather than dream recall.
Do not obtain up from the bed right away when you wake up. Rather, with your eyes shut, lie there as well as aim to recall your dream. One of the very best points you could possibly do is to keep a dream journal. Document your dreams in as much detail as feasible in this journal as well as it will certainly take place to aid you a lot in your lucid dreaming endeavors.
The first method is called The Reality Check. This is where you do frequent fact checks to determine whether you are in a dream or experiencing reality.
An excellent method to do this is to attempt to fly or walk through a wall. You are experiencing real life if you are not able to do these points. If nevertheless you can do these things, now you are dreaming, as well as the fact that you realize ways you are lucid dreaming. With regular reality checks throughout the day, you will have the ability to effortlessly do this when you are asleep.
When you are falling asleep so that you can remove on your own from the process, the 2nd Lucid dreaming method is called MILD where you require to realize. This enables you to acknowledge dream indications as well as analyze them so regarding manage. The best way to generate this is by setting your alarm system to regarding 5 hours of sleep time.
When the alarm system goes off, stay awake for one hr and remember what you fantasized. After that allow on your own go to sleep while silently verifying just what you actually fantasized and exactly what you didn't. By doing this you are capitalizing on the state of sleep called REM which is the most effective state to be in to lucid dream.
ACE is the last strategy to be talked about today which involves using binaural beats. With a little various audio frequencies heard with each ear by means of headsets, the acoustic wave frequency takes place to the mind to synchronize and also tune it to the position needed for lucid dreaming objectives.
Keep the earphone and binaural beat recordings around and establish your alarm in a way which offers you about 6 hrs of sleep. After 6 hrs, when the alarm rings, rise and walk about for 10 minutes or write in your dream journal.
Prevent enjoying the tv as this does not wake your mind up. After 10 mins have gone by, put on your earphones and play the binaural beats focusing on the sounds. Keep duplicating to on your own that you will have a lucid dream while you are falling asleep. This usually induces a lucid dream.
Lucid dreaming can be a great experience. During a lucid dream, you can pretty much regulate everything regarding your dreams and do whatever you intend to!
When you obtain comfortable with these methods you will be able to command a lucid dream whenever you want to have one.

Create down your dreams in as much detail as feasible in this journal and also it will certainly go on to aid you a great deal in your lucid dreaming ventures.
If however you could do these points, then you are dreaming, and also the truth that you are conscious ways you are lucid dreaming. The 2nd Lucid dreaming strategy is called MILD where you require to understand when you are dropping asleep so that you can eliminate on your own from the procedure. By doing this you are taking benefit of the state of sleep recognized as REM which is the best state to be in to lucid dream.
Maintain repeating to yourself that you will certainly have a lucid dream while you are falling asleep.

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Re: Lucid Dreaming - A great state to be in

Postby geo » 17 Jan 2016 01:51

Consider the possibility that your lucid dreams are or can be much more than you currently imagine or what you currently believe based on what others say or teach.

Consider what it would be like if they were not fantasies, but a reality in another dimension, one in which you do not recognize yet or one in which you have not awoken to yet.

Imagine gaining full control and taking this to much greater heights than you currently imagine; believing you are breaking through into other dimensions and learning who you truely are and the powers you posses.

The universe and beyond is yours when you walk through this door. Parallel universes, past, present, future, utilizing the Akashic records, no limitations, no boundaries, no control over you. Want to fly? Want to change your world for the better? Anything is possible when you believe.

Did you ever really think about dreams this way? If you have already realized you are a being/entity/spirit/energy/light what ever you may go by and you are in a temporal body, your flesh, then where are you really when your body is at rest? You think your Spirit needs to rest? Just food for thought.

Do not limit a belief to what anyone has told you, taught you, or you've read. If you do you are chaining yourself down from your true greatness that has yet been unleashed in you. This would limit yourself from the internal powers and greatness that is within you.

We have all been programmed in such away to stay dumb ed down from this, as those in power would loose control over the masses and world if we were to realize and awaken our true powers we each posses.

If you limit your thoughts to 'lucid dreams are just fantasies', then fantasy is all you will believe you experience and this is as far as you will go which isn't even out of the gate yet of blossoming into who you truly are!

The time is now to awaken and break free of this matrix we have called reality which is really the dream to keep you in check. Expand your consciousness and seek the answers, do not take my word for it :)

Spread your wings! Dare to dream beyond!

Thought + emotion = creative energy in your reality. Raise your vibration becoming like Teflon. In this state lower vibrations you come in contact with will not affect you stunting your future and life you desire and so richly deserve.

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