Vivid dream of hospital

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Vivid dream of hospital

Postby Asperixx176 » 07 Dec 2015 21:47

Did you read the title? Yes? Good. Now forget that image of a normal hospital, instead replace that thought with a dark and gloomy psychiatric hospital. I had this dream over a month ago but the memories of the place haven't left my mind.

The first part of my memory is of me and three other people running up some sort of stairs. Presumably the stairs leading to our cells.

The second part takes place inside the cells. It's nighttime and we are all ready for sleep. I'm clutching in my arms a soft teddy bear. Except, now here's the creepy part. The doll had REAL HUMAN EYES. Now my dream mind was very calm with the knowledge of this fact. Which probably means that i am a psychopath or i like teddy bears with human eyes sewn on to them.

Now while i was sitting in this dark room, on my bed, clutching my teddy bear. I see a sudden flicker of light. And from the opposite corner of my room where my door was located. Was a huge camera ( one of those really old cameras with the really bright flash ) he took a few snapshots of me and the bear and i was blinded by the light until the flashes stopped. Then my head slowly turned to the teddy bear only to see that the eyes were looking right at me. I would post a image of what the eyes looked like but they were the scariest things ever and i don't want to get banned.

Sorry for my terrible explanation but i hope you enjoyed the story.

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Re: Vivid dream of hospital

Postby jasmine2 » 08 Dec 2015 03:41

This was a dramatic dream. Do you have any ideas regarding personal associations to some of the dream imagery? If there is a troublesome person or situation in your life, is there some way you could ask for help, or otherwise try to improve the difficulty?

In my own experience, I've found that sometimes personal conflicts or anxieties, or even emotions associated with disturbing stories in daily news reports, may be symbolized in my dreams by threatening characters or dream environments.

It may be helpful to try this exercise. During the day when you have time to relax, recall the dream. Imagine that you begin to talk to some important dream character. Even if he is scary, ask him (or her, or it) - "What do you represent?"

If he acts aggressive, imagine that you can either fly away, or stand your ground and defend yourself strongly. However, you can also tell your opponent that you would like to be friends with him. In addition, you could also image that the dream ends in a more positive way.

Also, before you go to sleep, you could ask "the wisdom behind the dreaming" to - "Show me in a dream what I need to know now, at this time in my life."

Best wishes - jasmine2

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