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Drop a line here to introduce yourself! Let us know your background, where you're from in the world, your lucid goals.
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DreamingDervish says hi

Postby DreamingDervish » 11 Dec 2015 14:24

Dear Community of dreamers,

since a little longer than a year I've been realizing more and more the dream-like nature of our lives.
Although I had heard of Lucid Dreaming, Meditation and other forms of Spirituality, I used to be a rationalist through-and-through until November last year when I was confronted with the lies I had fed myself for so long and intense synchronicities during a halucigenic drug experience. I had done different drugs prior to the experience, but this time, the synchronicities didn't stop! So in a way, my subconscious forced me to get out of my bubble and face my demons. At first I couldn't imagine how to deal with this new world I was thrown into. I was so scared and lost. But thanks to many people who helped me see (before and after the experience) I developed my own sight and found a path to walk on. I dedicated my time to meditation frantically (at first with wayyy too much desire to change my situation, as many of you may also have experienced in their early meditation days...), but found peace when I found out about the practice of the spinning Dervish of Turkey, a group of mystics that are also known as Sufi. I will not go much deeper into this here, but if any of you have questions about Sufism, I'd be happy to reply to PMs.
Subsequently my journey found a purpose, a point to orientate myself at. I continued, filled with new hope, I was shown many things and learned about the beauty that lives in every thing, and also in my self. And I established a daily meditation + spinning practice and started carrying it out into my daily life as much as I cold. I try to view every passing day as a chance to feel more, to become more compassionate towards myself and others and I hope to increase my love for all things, so that facing my shadow may become easier and easier until I can fully embrace every aspect of my being.
I have had lucid dreams during my childhood a few times but never had an intention of using techniques to invoke them. Then, a few weeks ago my dream characters woke me up once or twice during dreams, telling me quite bluntly that I was dreaming. I have read that some of you may refer to them as Spirit Guides or Dreamguides.. So after what they had shown me, and since my interest in moving more freely in dreams had naturally increased within the dreams, I decided to put more effort in also using techniques to be able to arrive at Lucid Dream States more frequently. I read about Dreaming extensively (also on this forum) and started a dream journal, I took RCs more seriously and tried WILDs several times.
At first my dream recall increased (I remember at least 1 dream in varying intensity each night now), still the lucidity I arrived at through my own attempts stayed below that which I had gained through the help of my Dream Characters. Entering a WILD would be impossible, even when I had reached hypnagogia and felt my limbs were tingling and had been paralyzed.. The hypnagogia would become stronger, but eventually fade again. I would still be too awake and uncomfortable lying on my back to fall asleep. However, trying to do a WILD would help me to do DILDs.
Now, last night I had a DILD and decided to increase my lucidity by trying the Castaneda Technique of lying down in your sleep position and fall asleep in your dream. I did it and awoke from it by doing an OBE. I was so happy and excited that it worked, that I woke up. But I think this is the beginning of a nice and new journey. Currently I'm reading about the "Vijnanabhairava-Tantra" and am continuing my practice.
So nice dreams to all of you!
The Dreaming Dervish

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