what do i do if i dont have dream signs?

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what do i do if i dont have dream signs?

Postby 15ahayes » 11 Dec 2015 18:50

So ive been looking at my dream journal and i have noticed that the only real dream signs i have are my family and friends (mainly my two brothers) and being or going someplace i used to live or go to. example: my old houses, old neighborhoods, etc. i moved out of my house and am living with my gm and gp so i dont see any of these places anymore and i hardly see my family that often. would that then count these as dream signs? (btw i almost always have a friend or family member with me in my dreams)

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Re: what do i do if i dont have dream signs?

Postby taniaaust1 » 15 Dec 2015 13:51

Yes those things can count as dream signs. Try doing reality checks whenever you think of these
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Re: what do i do if i dont have dream signs?

Postby shutterbugjen » 18 Dec 2015 16:16

Hi! I've only been dream journaling for a few days and I'm finding that my dream signs are similar-- places and people from real life, but from times and places in the past. I almost wish I would see things like talking animals or people with extra heads as that would be easier to identify as a dream!
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Re: what do i do if i dont have dream signs?

Postby jasmine2 » 21 Dec 2015 01:53

Before you go to sleep, it might be helpful to ask "the awareness behind the dreaming" to send you dreams which have a greater variety of unusual characters, objects, or situations.

Also, several times during the day, test conventional reality by - jumping up a little bit (can you fly?), or try to poke the fingers of one hand through the palm of your other hand. Suggest to yourself that you will try performing there activities in a dream.

Also, I recommend browsing parts of the following very informative book - online.

Web search -
"Dreaming Yourself Awake Lucid Dreaming and Tibetan Yoga" - books.google.com

See picture of the book cover. To the right, click "preview this book".
Next screen has a large grey area.
To view pages - either click on <> (to left of gear icon), or right scroll down to - pages 41 through 43.

Includes a good discussion about dream signs - unusual images or occurrences in dreams (anomalies), which may alert the dreamer that he is dreaming.

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