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New to Lucid Dreaming

Postby Coraxo » 27 Jun 2012 16:10

Hello everyone, this seems like a great forum, I have a question if everyone wouldn't mind---

I've been doing constant research on Lucid dreaming recently ect. I didn't realize about the "reality checks" until I found this site but I've been telling myself "Am I dreaming?" before bed and if I wake up in the middle of the night, so onto my question

I had a dream last night and I don't remember most of it, but I do remember really vivid colors and talking to a man and actually asking him "am I dreaming?" In a really confused voice, and he responded with "No" in a laid back but stern voice It was like waking up for half a second then getting sucked back into my nightmare/weird dream

I felt like I woke up just long enough to ask that question but it was like my subconcious was shooting me down :? .....what the heck?! Has anyone else had this issue when first trying to lucid dream?

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Re: New to Lucid Dreaming

Postby Intrepid » 27 Jun 2012 20:04

I had this issue a few months ago when my hands suddenly popped up in front of me as I was running. I remembered doing this while awake as a MILD technique and instantly became lucid. For some reason, I was only partially lucid and became very confused very quickly about why my hands had created my lucidity. The confusion caused me to fall back into a normal dream state and wake up. It was a very disappointing experience. Cant say for sure why that happened to me. Your mind may have confused itself or perhaps your lucidity just faded. That can happen for many reasons, especially if your focus isnt super sharp right off the bat. It's a tough road to becoming consistent, and I'm nowhere close yet. My next lucid dream was long and amazing though =)

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