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Alpha Brain

Postby harris96 » 12 Dec 2015 10:16

I wish i could adding vitamin supplements, pharmaceutical blisters , nootropics or smart drugs or anything else that you have tested and found to be effective in order to study and memorize large amounts of information.
I took a week taking a nootropic called Alpha Brain , the recommended dose of 10 mg, yet I do not notice anything , perhaps better mood soon take the same dose in the evening , that is twice a day , when you start to prepare a oppositions and then see if I with hold information or I concentrate better.

I also read about sulbutiamine (available at pharmacies) , soy lecithin and ginkgo biloba as beneficial for memory.

The rule caffeine produces nervousness , even good intellectual level.

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Re: Alpha Brain

Postby SunTzu » 12 Dec 2015 13:59

"There is nothing outside of yourself that can ever enable you to get better, stronger, richer, quicker, or smarter. Everything comes from within. Seek nothing outside of yourself."

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Re: Alpha Brain

Postby jasmine2 » 14 Dec 2015 02:50

It seems to me that the best way to enhance learning ability is to basically maintain a healthy life style regarding diet, exercise, sufficient sleep, avoid smoking, etc.

I recommend the following -

- Website - Ornish Lifestyle Medicine/Nutrition -

- Super Sleep/Monroe Institute -
For several years, this CD really helped me to sleep. - (a pleasant, subtle blend of "Hemi-sync" - binaural-beat sounds, similar to wind - no voice or music)
Actually, after I began eating a more plant-based diet, my sleep problems resolved.

- Access To Information/Monroe Institute -
Click - mp3 audio sample
This audio recording does include some voice guidance. I'm not sure how much. Truthfully, I have not tried this recording, however, after using several other Monroe Institute audio recordings, over the years (Super Sleep and The Gateway Voyage Series ($$), I am intrigued by the Hemi-sync approach to binaural-beat technology(easier to listen to than many "raw" binaural-beat recording from other companies).
While just listening to the brief audio sample to "Access To Information", I noticed a subtle sensation around my eyes, like the hemi-sync sounds were having some subtle effect on my brain waves.

- Web search - "Sleepy Baby Bulb" - by Lighting Sciences (?) - This company also has light bulbs which produce light containing more blue spectrum frequencies, which enhance wakefulness.

Web search - Does wearing orange glasses before bedtime enhance sleep?

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