Reality check did not work in dream world!

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Reality check did not work in dream world!

Postby adrien » 12 Dec 2015 14:10

Hi everyone, I started trying to induce LD only 2 or 3 weeks ago, but I have had a very good connection to my dreams since I started meditating regularly 5 years ago and can recall pretty much all of them every morning without effort.
In these last 3 weeks I experienced more intensity and presence in my dreams, so far no real fulfilling lucid dreams. I actually had 2 or 3 but they reamined blur and dull even while trying all the techniques like focusing on the ground or on my hands or saying "clarity now". So I do not really consider them as LD because the few real LDs I have had spontaneously a few years ago were really clear and exciting.

Now 3 nights ago I had a dream where I did a reality check, here it goes:
"Coming back from a concert with some friends, I took the subway back home, I remember entering the station, it was in NYC. Suddenly I was out in the street, I looked around, it was a beautiful sunny day, everything was very quiet, nobody around and no cars, the subway station is behind me. Suddenly I realize that I have no clue where I am, and that I do not remember at wich station I stopped, and I do not even remember the trip in the subway! I then think to myself that this surely seems like a dream, I look around scrutinizing the environment, everything was very clear and peaceful, but still it's too obvious that this must be a dream because I do not remember how I got here and where I am, so I start a reality check, and pusch my fingers through my hand, and what a surprise when it actually doesn't go through! I look around again thinking that this definitely looks like a dream and try again to push my fingers through but nothing happened! I then decide to look at a writing on a sign, I look away and look back, same writing! What could I do at that point, I simply decided to keep walking and try to find my home.

What a disapointement when I actually woke up!

Just a week before this I had another dream where I pushed my fingers through my hand and they went through, then I awoke, but everything was still dull and not so exciting, but at least the reality check worked and I could move around in the lucid dream and do whatever I wanted.

So what really happened? I was so sure to be in a dream and everything was so clear and peaceful but a little something was missing to send me in full awareness of whats going on!

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Re: Reality check did not work in dream world!

Postby SunTzu » 13 Dec 2015 01:58

This just happens sometimes.... There are no reality checks that work 100% of the time. Happens to all of us from time to time.
I think that a lot of people do RC's for their own sake, as a formality instead of a true question.
You probably relied to much on the reality check action and not enough on 'feeling' the dream out and sensing it.

While doing your reality checks, take a step back and truly ask yourself if you are dreaming. Don't assume you are awake and then try to check for dream signs. Assume that you honestly don't know, and you'll find RC's to work much better.

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Re: Reality check did not work in dream world!

Postby adrien » 15 Dec 2015 15:36

Thank you so much for your advice. Since I read your message I started doing my reality checks in a different way. Like you said, I now try to feel the reality around me. Before, I used to look around mentally for inconsistencies, now I give more importance to the feel and texture of reality, and the mental part about how I got here and the finger push and writings comes as a secondary.

Well guess what? Last night I had my first real self induced lucid dream! The lucidity came somehow naturally, without me doing any of the RC's I talked about before. I just repeated to myself many times strongly "this is a dream" to really take hold of the dream once i became slightly aware in it.

After the first LD of the night I went through different stages of half lucidity(or very vivid dream) and again back to lucidity. I wasn't satisfied with the clarity though and tried many techniques like concentrating on the bark of a tree or on my hands or screaming aloud "clarity now" (wich felt kind of stupid to me in the dream), looking at my hands seemed to work but it wasn't such a huge change.

I then decided to meditate (wich is my main intent for lucid dreaming) and the reality around me started changing and fading and everything became bright light, at wich point I got worried that meditating might actually end the lucid dream.
But after some more time everything solidified again and the surroundings were much clearer than before and the reality felt more stable and solid. I was happy about that and stood up, I tried again to intensify clarity but it did not work. I then started walking around and remembered I could actually fly, I tried and after a minute of going up 30m and down I shook off the fear of heights and finally took off for good and enjoyed a lot the freedom of flying, I felt excited while flying and remembered it could end the dream so I calmed down and then decided to fly as high as possible (again the main aim of LD for me is to reach a higher consciousness), I went straight up at highest speed chanting the mantra OMMMM powerfully, after some time i was stopped by a beautiful mosaique of colors that felt familiar and just seeing it brought intense joy and an intensification of the clarity and lucidity, and I felt like I surrendered myself to it, i went through it or melted in it (i am not sure) and kept going at an impressive speed higher and higher and after some more time I called out to my Guru and the dream ended and I had a false awakening in wich I got completely caught.

Early on during the night in another LD something took me to the past and I experienced a few moments of 3 of my previous incarnations! I did not intended that, it just happened, I was very surprised and fully lucid inside the body of my older selves, the only one I can remember is being in France somewhere close to after the middle ages, being a christian monk. It is very interesting to actualy feel and be at that time for a few moments!

The night is so much more intense between so many regular dreams, very vivid ones and lucid ones that it is getting harder to remember everything in the morning!! I anyways woke up feeling very happy and had a very good meditation in the morning.

Again thank you very much for your advice SunTzu!

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Re: Reality check did not work in dream world!

Postby RealityCheck » 16 Dec 2015 15:36

Finger pushing sometimes does not work for me as well, but plugging your nose to check if you can breathe or not is guaranteed to work all the time. Also, looking at your hands have always worked for me c:
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