Lucid dreams with fake awakening and sleep paralysis

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Lucid dreams with fake awakening and sleep paralysis

Postby olapins » 12 Dec 2015 14:56

This dream I had, don't know what it was, googled and found these 3 keywords : lucid dreams, fake awakening and sleep paralysis. I can split the dream in 2 halfs, first was okay, but second was terrifying and I would like to hear what you can tell me about it.
One day I came home from university and felt really tired so I decided to take a nap. Layed down on a couch , because this is the place I usually take naps, and fall a sleep almost instantly, so the dream begins:
While I was coming home from somewhere, happened strange dream things, for example, I saw how random gardeners blowed leaves with machines that blow air, and they were so strong that the air also tore apart the enclosure. While I was going further, almost by my home, I met few friends of mine. I told them what I just saw + there was random talking and then unexpectedly we saw a police car chasing a random car, which were driving on the walkway. It was so exciting to watch and then began the second part of my dream... I suddenly realized that I'm dreaming, everyone disappeared and I'm left alone near my home. Everything felt so real, not the outside, but me. I became aware of my-self. I was controlling my every movement, so I decided to give it a try and levitate. (It always has been my hidden desire and I have had dreams in which I fly and those are great :D ) I just thought of it, concentrated and it happened, I was up in the air, just that it was really hard to balance my-self. Once I managed to do that, I got really excited and something happened. I couldn't control my flight, I started to gain speed flying up. I saw all my neighborhood. I was flying up till I got sucked in some kind of portal (or something) and I became aware of my body laying on my couch, on which I took this nap. I felt my sleeping pose, I felt every part of my body, but I couldn't move. Not arms, not legs, not even open my eyes. At first it was interesting, because this was the first time I experienced something like this, but a little time went by and I started to panic a little and started to push my arms and legs really hard to move, but I failed every time. I wanted to get out of this, so I pushed my eyes to open as hard as I could and it worked (not at first but little by little they were open). I saw a pretty casual view - part of my shoulder, table, chairs : everything that was in my room. Now I was able to move other parts of my body. Everything seemed just fine. I noticed, that while I was napping, my brother came home and did something in the bathroom. I went there to say hi, and to tell him what just happened, but my legs still were a bit loose and I was barely moving forward leaning against walls. My eyes were heavy and really tired. I thought that's because I just woke up. When I finally got to the bathroom, I realized that something wasn't right, I did not know what, but suddenly I woke up in my body again. Just laying on the couch, still not able to move anything. At this point I started to freak out incredibly. I could open just one of my eyes a bit to see the same view I saw before opening my eyes. I began to riot inside, trying really hard to move anything, just anything. But then I remembered that I have red something about sleep paralysis and that in the end it will be okay. Suddenly I could open my eyes, move everything. I sit down on the same couch. Had a weird feeling, did not know what happened and why so. I realized, that my brother was actually home. Wanted to go and say hi and tell about everything that just happened. Last time, when I got till the bathroom, I noticed a red brush on the bathroom table and decided to go and look if it's there. I thought that it would be really cool, if I dreamed of reality and that brush would be in the same spot and position it was in my dream (at that point I did not realize, that we do not own such a brush). While I was on my way, I saw my brother coming out of the bathroom with that brush in his hand. I was shocked, I really dreamed that this brush was in the bathroom and when I woke up, it really was... When I entered the bathroom, too look where the brush was laying, I saw my-self in the mirror. My eye-whites was red, suddenly my yes got really heavy again, and it was hard to see. I started to choke, because it suddenly became really hard to breathe, and it became harder and harder with every second. I started to pass out slowly and I got scared, this time for real. I watched my-self in the mirror, at my bloody red eyes, I was pushing against the table, because it was hard to stand. And then the nightmare began. It was scary and silly at the same time, but everything was as in real life. I saw in the mirror a black monster(could call it so) with big and greenish yellow eyes and one tinier eye in between them. It was like this: the monster wanted to glue a plaster on his third eye, but then stopped and disapprovingly shaked his head and disapprovingly moved his finger, he reached out (i know, it sounds stupidly lame, but it all felt real). Then I woke up in my body again, not able to move anything. At this point I reached my scare limit. I freaked out so badly, like never before in my life. I was 100% sure, that I had waken up before, but I realized, that this whole time, I was just laying on my couch, not moving at all, just doing nothing. I did not know what to do. Everything was the same as after the first time realized, that I on the couch. I had no clue how to end this circle. I panicked for a while and suddenly (not sure, maybe because of a random thought, or it was just time to wake up) I felt like I was sucked into somewhere really fast and was able to move everything.
I woke up. I was calmed but also still scared, because I started to question if i really woke up this time. Maybe it is another of dreams? I decided to go back to the bathroom and look into the mirror to be sure I have woken up. Everything was okay and I really did wake up. The strangest thing is, that the view I saw every time I opened my eyes in my dream, was exactly the same when I opened them when I woke up for real.

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Re: Lucid dreams with fake awakening and sleep paralysis

Postby taniaaust1 » 15 Dec 2015 14:32

Yes that was a lucid dream with false awakenings and sleep paralyses.

It isn't unusual for things like this to go all together and to have multiple false awakenings which as you found out can get super scary if they keep occurring over and over. (I once had an incident in which I woke up or thought I did 6-7 times, it got super scary in the end as I didn't know what was reality and what wasn't and couldn't seem to escape that false awakening loop).
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