Den w/Tiger

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Den w/Tiger

Postby bob_syr » 15 Dec 2015 00:29

Beginning of dream:
House being stayed at by a Singer whom I Disliked (Disliked Singer or DS) – I wanted him out. Went with DS someplace to pick up some friends of his, grouped together some dark place or den near Butternut St. Cops came, an inspector talked to DS. For some reason I found myself waiting in the den, I had to go upstairs for something, and was involved with something across the street. I took a drive with somebody, a guy who had a huge friendly dog. I then was by myself driving with this dog. Started to walk with the friendly dog and we were terrified by a tiger in the bushes crouching, ready to pounce. The dog turned fierce and attacked and killed the tiger. When I got back to the den I said to the dog's owner, "I'm glad your dog is as fierce as he is friendly." or something to that effect. Then some uniformed cops started to take away the group in the den, and DS was taken away along with them, however, DS and inspector still seemed friendly toward each other. I Was glad to get DS out of house.
– end of dream

Précis: Wanted DS (the Singer whom I Disliked so much) out of my house [100%]. DS and a police inspector were friendly toward each other[50%]. Driving, then walking with friendly huge dog. Three fast changes: 1) Driving with guy and dog [100%], 2) driving alone w/dog[30%], and 3) walking w/dog[18%]. Assaulted by tiger. [09%] [awake]A tiger in Syracuse, must have escaped from the zoo. [dream] Dog attacks and kills tiger[30%]. [100%] Rare violence in dream. Back to den, police start to take away friends in den, DS also taken away but still seemed friendly w/inspector. So glad to get him out of house [100%].

Who? – Self, Disliked Singer (DS), others in group of friends, guy, friendly huge dog, tiger.
Where? – Syracuse, Butternut St.
When? – 80s
Percent possibility index – 75%
Enjoyment scale 1 (low) to 10 (high) - 5
Song? – xxx
Phrase? – xxx

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