peaches and power outage

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peaches and power outage

Postby bob_syr » 15 Dec 2015 00:36

Beginning of dream:
Syracuse, Burten Street, it must have been night time. I was dreaming about having some good peaches when my ex-wife xxx noticed part of the power was out. I looked at various sections of junction boxes in the cellar. I drove to Peter's (supermarket) to get peaches and parts to fix the electric. The produce department at Peters also had a power outage as well, and I thought the problem might be at their end -- causing of the outage at the house. In the dark aisle by the peaches I stepped on a lady's jacket lying there. I went to talk to the manager about the outage and the peaches. The first manager was a woman working at a register. I then went to the offices and spoke to a male manager about the power outage and the peaches. I said I wanted absolutely fresh peaches and wanted even the baskets to be absolutely fresh. If they're not fresh today, I'm willing to come back on the day the fresh baskets are delivered. Talked to a second manager (higher up) in another office who was more plump than the first and wore a tie. Second manager made a joke and spoke only briefly. – end of dream

Précis: Food dream. Look at the electric problem [60%] get parts [50%] and fix the electric [30%]. Store partial outage might be cause of partial outage at house [08%]. Absolutely fresh peaches and even the baskets [20%] must be fresh [awake] Second manager spoke only briefly. Bum's rush? Most impossible -- power outage at store causing the power outage at house. I realized this in the dream but I gambled on this eight percent chance the outage was solved. [awake] [dream] [100%]

Who? – Ex-wife xxx, Self, lady customer, lady manager, male manager, higher male manager.
Where? – Burten St. Peter's food liner
When? – recent
Percent possibility index – 17%
Enjoyment scale 1 (low) to 10 (high) - 7
Song? – xxx
Phrase? – xxx

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